What a Turkey on Whole Wheat Taught Me About Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Today at lunch I stopped at one of the many sub shops that line the busy streets of my fair city.  Observation: We all have a choice on where we can get a sandwich. It’s painfully obvious there is no shortage of places to get a turkey on whole wheat with assorted veggies and dressings. Long story short, I went to pay and the manager was just finishing up inventory so the POS system was down and I had to wait. No big deal. I waited two minutes and in that time three people apologized to me for having to wait. Once the system came back online the woman at the register rang up my meal, and then said, “This one’s on me.” And it really was on her. From what I gathered, employees get one free sandwich per day for personal consumption and she spent hers on me.

You can imagine my appreciation and frankly, my surprise. I can confidently say that the next time I’m pondering which one of the multitude of sandwich shops to patronize, this particular one will come to mind first.

I’ve heard from multiple customer service leaders recently that they are in a highly competitive industry and their “leg up” on the competition is creating an exemplary customer experience that turns one-time quick hitter buyers into the long term one they’re actively seeking. Otherwise, companies are fighting hard just to keep their customer base from straying, in search of the latest, greatest, and most inexpensive.

According to Forbes Insights, 32% of all executives polled said that retaining their existing customer base is one of the top strategic priorities for 2016, and that was second only to expanding their customer base.

One key way to create an amazing customer experience and help retain your customer base is through order automaton.

Automating order management can:

  • Help improve or maintain aggressive customer SLAs
  • Decrease order entry time, yielding more time for customer service reps to focus on actual customer service
  • Provide the analytics needed for management to identify customer demand, manage priority, and balance team bandwidth

Whether you’re in the sandwich game or complex technical gizmos that fly people to the moon and back, you’ve got competition.  What is your next move for capturing market share and bringing your company’s name to the forefront?

Jeremy Deuchars

Since joining the Esker team in March of 2013, Jeremy has partnered with organizations to help them find a better way to manage and improve their document processes. Jeremy’s experience in developing a big picture perspective through the utilization of technology-based solutions has resulted in helping companies track closer and closer to a culture of industry excellence, where employees add huge value to their organization, as well as invest in their own personal growth. Jeremy spends his free time in a wide variety of ways, ranging from distance running, dog sledding, painting and drawing, spending time with his wife and two sons, and playing the bagpipes.

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