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How to Sell Your C-Suite on Order Processing Autoamtion

Our very own Chief Operating Officer, Steve Smith, was asked to provide his expertise on the topic of selling order process automation to a corporation’s most important senior executives.

Steve suggests before you dive in to building your business case, take some time to build a strong foundation for a persuasive argument – profitability and the bottom line, new levels of visibility and analytics, easy the burden on IT are a few.

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Using Dashboards to Measure and Reward CSR Talent

Business dashboards gives a quick and visually dense overview of your company’s key performance indicators. A well-designed dashboard should take into consideration those who need to see the data and how that data needs to be displayed. The major benefit of business dashboards is that they increase productivity: what’s clearly measured can then be refined and improved. Data dashboards can also help managers see problems as they arise, allowing them to react to problems before they start to snowball.

Dashboards Designed to Measure Customer Service Representative Talent

Each organization’s business dashboard will reflect the key performance indicators that are most important to their day to day operations. Businesses who want to chart their customer service response will use a dashboard that is similar to what many human resources departments use. The key indicators for a Customer Service Representative (CSR) dashboard could include when an employee was hired, their average call length and their close rate for successfully resolving customer issues. For a CSR dashboard to have the biggest impact, try implementing a few of the following principles into your CSR dashboard design. Read more

5 Reasons Why You Gotta Get a Customer Portal

I remember when I was young and companies were just beginning to step up their customer service game by having employees greet people upon entering the store. At first, it was a little strange — not many people enjoy having employees hovering around them. But now, it has become a standard for businesses.

Always there, always on customer service. It’s what customers have grown to expect. How can you give that to them? By implementing a self-service customer portal.Customer Portal Read more

Esker Announces Its Participation at SAPPHIRE® NOW To Showcase Document Process Automation Solutions

Orlando, FL — May 17, 2016 — Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and an SAP partner, today announced its participation at SAPPHIRE® NOW and ASUG Annual Conference being held May 17-19 in Orlando, Florida.

Presenting in booth #856, Esker will highlight how its accounts payable (AP) and sales order processing (SOP) solutions fully integrate with and enhance organizations’ SAP® solutions. Attendees will be able to spot Esker’s booth by its teal and white color scheme and “Mind Your Business” messaging. Read more

Menarini Spain Cuts Order Processing Time in Half with Esker’s Cloud-Based Automation Solution

Madison, WI — May 16, 2016—Esker announced today it is working with Menarini Spain, a leading pharmaceutical group, to automate the company’s 30,000 annual customer orders. As part of the company’s customer service modernization project, Esker’s Order Processing automation solution has enabled Menarini Spain to process its orders 50% faster.

Previously, Menarini Spain manually processed the orders it received (mostly via email from hospitals, wholesalers and pharmacies) into its ERP application. The company turned to Esker to address the inefficiencies of this process, and in less than two months, Menarini had achieved its objective of automating the entire order management process—from the reception of a customer order to its creation in the ERP application—and cut processing time in half compared to manual order entry. Read more

Seven Zen Habits of Terminal Emulation

terminal emulation

Recently I started meditating and began to think of how old the practice is. How does it work? Would I really feel better after? Would it reduce my stress? Could I really change habits? And then I began to think of terminal emulation and how it has been around as long as some Eastern medicine practices — well, almost as long, and it too provides many benefits — but most importantly, terminal emulation is simple and it works! Read more

Top Three Scariest Accounts Payable Problems: From Errors to Late Payments

edi-exceptionsDealing with accounts payable is a true challenge for accounting departments, especially in a time when business finances are more complex than ever. Even so, you may still insist on using paper for accounts payable procedures since it’s something you and your staff have always done. After doing the same procedures for years (or decades), it can become hard to make a change.

If you’re starting to notice more mistakes in your finances, you shouldn’t assume it’s going to get any better. As your business grows, more complexities may start to arise in orders and payments. Relying on a paper-based system only leads to major problems that can lead to internal blame games and downtime. Read more

Terminal Emulation Software Is Still Important

Once upon a time, text terminals were the state of the art for communicating with computers. They were far more convenient than ancient technologies like paper tape and punch cards. Today, hardly anyone makes terminals any more, yet the technology is far from dead. Every major operating system offers one or more terminal emulator applications, letting users type in command lines and get back text responses.

System administrators use terminal emulation a lot; there are some things they can’t do any other way. Software developers like the command line interface because it lets them get closer to the underlying system software. Many computer geeks consider the ability to use the terminal fluently a minimum requirement for admission into their circles. Read more

Garcia Carrión Reduces Order Processing Costs by 70% with Esker’s Automation Solution

Madison, WI — May 3, 2016 — Esker announced today it is working with García Carrión, the leader in the wine and juice market in Spain, to automate the company’s inbound fax and email orders. Thanks to Esker’s cloud-based Order Processing automation solution, García Carrión has improved its customer response time by 80 percent and reduced its order processing costs by 70 percent.

García Carrión receives over 30,000 orders per year (approximately 120 per day) via email or fax. These orders had previously been processed manually (excluding EDI), with several full-time employees needed in Madrid and Barcelona to print the emails, enter data in the SAP® system and physically archive the documents — a process that took an average of two minutes per order. Read more

IT Insight: Stop a Cyber Attack in Its Tracks

Cyber AttackNow that the world seems to revolve around the Internet, cyber attacks have become a major concern to businesses. Not only do cyber attacks pose a threat to the health of company hardware and infrastructure, but to the security of valuable business and customer information.

In order to better understand cyber attacks and the threat they hold, I sat down with our Information Systems Administrator, Greg Carpenter. Read more