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5 Tricks to Treating Your Customers

treating your customers

If only customer service were as easy as trick-or-treating. Toss them some candy and it’s all good. Too bad that’s not the case. After spending their hard-earned money on your company’s product or service, customers expect a bit more than Tootsie Rolls and Dubble Bubble.

Let’s face it, it’s the 21st century and companies with subpar customer service are headed toward the graveyard. In other words, bad customer service scares business away. Read more

Esker Named Innovative P2P Technology of the Year Winner by PayStream Advisors

Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) automation suite selected for enhanced user experience

Madison, WI — October 26, 2016 — Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced its P2P automation solution was awarded Innovative P2P Technology of the Year Award by PayStream Advisors. The renowned independent research and advisory firm hosts the PayStream Advisors Innovate Awards each year to honor innovators in the field of AP and purchasing automation. This year’s awards took place as part of the PayStream Advisors P2P Automation Masters Summit held during the IOFM’s AP&P2P Conference in Las Vegas Oct. 24-26.

Read more

The Night of the Faxing Dead

cloud fax

Halloween is a great holiday to celebrate the undead, but that’s no way to run a 21st century business.

Didn’t fax machines go out about the same time as typewriters, rotary dial telephones and the dodo bird? Actually, faxing itself is not dead or even dying. It’s the old school fax modem that needs to remain buried. According to The Houston Chronicle, business still sends 100 billion pages of faxes a year. Read more

Esker Webinar to Explore Key Findings from Total Economic Impact™ Study

Esker presents the financial impact of automating order processing on the supply chain, featuring Independent Research Firm.

Madison, WI — October 20, 2016 — Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, announced today that U.S. Chief Operating Officer Steve Smith will present a webinar on Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) analysis of the company with guest speaker Jonathan Lipsitz, a Forrester TEI project director. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. CDT. Registration is now open. Read more

Cloud-Based Solutions Grow by 21%

Esker Q3 2016 Sales Activity

Esker Q3 2016 sales revenue totaled 15.5 million euros — a 10% increase over Q3 2015 based on a constant and current exchange rate. For the first nine months of 2016, sales revenue amounted to 48.5 million euros, up 13% (14.5% published). Read more

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ of Esker’s Order Processing Automation Solution

Customer Service and Supply Chain leaders are rapidly realizing there are tremendous cost savings, productivity gains and positive customer experience effects to implementing an order processing automation solution. As with any investment, there’s also risks and up-front costs to get the project off the ground. How do you know the benefits will outweigh the costs and calculate ROI? How do you know you can trust those calculations?

Esker commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Esker’s Order Processing automation solution. The purpose of this study is to provide a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact and help organizations determine if an order management solution is a viable option. Read more

Esker Announces Its Participation at LogiMed to Showcase Order Processing Solutions

Strengthens its presence in the medical device industry with St. Jude Medical

Madison, WI — October 17, 2016 — Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced its participation at LogiMed, Europe’s annual forum for supply chain leaders from top medical device manufacturers, being held Oct. 17-18 in Berlin, Germany. Esker’s customer, St. Jude Medical, a leading global medical device manufacturer, will be present alongside Esker at Stand #4 to discuss how automating its order management process has led to supply chain savings and improved customer service. Read more

What a Turkey on Whole Wheat Taught Me About Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Today at lunch I stopped at one of the many sub shops that line the busy streets of my fair city.  Observation: We all have a choice on where we can get a sandwich. It’s painfully obvious there is no shortage of places to get a turkey on whole wheat with assorted veggies and dressings. Long story short, I went to pay and the manager was just finishing up inventory so the POS system was down and I had to wait. No big deal. I waited two minutes and in that time three people apologized to me for having to wait. Once the system came back online the woman at the register rang up my meal, and then said, “This one’s on me.” And it really was on her. From what I gathered, employees get one free sandwich per day for personal consumption and she spent hers on me. Read more

Millennials and the 2016 Microsoft Dynamics Summit

microsoft dynamics summit

Hello from the 2016 Microsoft Dynamics Summit! There’s nothing better than meeting with motivated finance, operations and IT folks from some of the best Microsoft Dynamics user groups in the country —  AXUG, NAVUG, GPUG, and CRMUG. Thousands of people have been immersed in learning and networking with their peers in Tampa this week. What a great opportunity to chat about 2017 goals and leveraging current Microsoft investments by adding document process automation. Read more

Is Your Sales Order Entry Process Affecting Your Days Sales Outstanding?


Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is one of those key indicators that ultimately indicates how streamlined your order management process is — how quickly your product or service gets to your customer and how efficiently they pay you. There are many areas within an organization’s process that can affect this.

I’ve seen companies shave 3-5 days of DSO just by switching from paper/mailed invoices to electronic invoice delivery. However, recently, I’ve been learning just how much DSO can improve even more. One notable area of focus is the sales order entry process — a process that, if not working efficiently, can negatively affect customer service and DSO. Read more