Are Stone Age AR Processes Costing You Customers?

If your organization still manages accounts receivable (AR) the same way it did 20 years ago, there’s a good chance it’s operating well below peak efficiency and profitability.

Your company could be missing out on important opportunities to improve customer relationships and cash flow!

Not sure where to start? Determine whether your company’s AR processes are keeping up with the times – and supporting a modern, satisfying customer experience by taking the quiz: Are Stone Age AR Processes Costing You Customers?

Don’t be scared – You’re not alone! Comment or share your results for a complementary AR process audit from Esker.

Colleen Reddy

As a Solutions Marketing Manager at Esker, Colleen understands exactly how the pains of manual processing and paper affect business professionals. Focusing on accounts payable, sales order processing and cloud faxing, Colleen brings tips and tricks on how to improve document processing and workflow in your company.

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