10 Real Pains of Accounts Payable Professionals

We feel your pain — working in accounts payable (AP) is tough. Especially when you’re invoicing process is inundated with paper, forcing you to manually process every single invoice.

Don’t worry though, you’re not alone. Share your pain with this list that expresses the daily rollercoaster of emotions every AP professional goes through when manually processing invoices.

  1. When a vendor calls and their invoice is nowhere to be found.

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2. Having to manually enter invoices.


3. Remembering that you forgot to make a copy of an important invoice.


4. Realizing you paid a supplier twice.


5. Accidentally having added an extra 0 to an invoice when typing it into your ERP system.


6. Spending hours digging through multiple file cabinets just to locate one invoice.


7. Attempting to track down the CEO in order to get an invoice approved. You know, that one that has been sitting on their desk for weeks?


 8. Having Excel crash before you save your perfectly manicured, extensive spreadsheet.


 9. When it’s 3 p.m. and only 20% of invoices have been entered.


 10. And then there are the days where you just can’t take it anymore.


Unless you enjoy these activities (and I don’t think you do), then it’s time to change the way your company processes invoices. End the emotional rollercoaster of manual processes with automated AP and experience:

  • Faster processing up to 65% by reducing the amount of manual touchpoints.
  • Increased productivity by more than doubling daily invoice entry.
  • Reduced costs up to 60% by removing paper and reducing manual tasks.
  • Full visibility into the approval process with customizable dashboards and metrics.

So seriously, unless you enjoy paper cuts and customers yelling at you, it’s time to start looking into automating your AP department.

Paper and manual processing have got to go!

Don’t put it off for another day. Discover how to increase your profit and productivity via automated processing by reading the white paper: Overcoming the Challenges of AP Invoicing.


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