Efficiently Managing Your Procure-to-Pay Processes?

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Are you efficiently managing your procure-to-pay (P2P) processes without an automated solution? Or are you bogged down by limited visibility, lack of reporting, unhappy staff and suppliers? If you answered yes to any of these, never fear, Esker is here for you!


Let’s dive a little deeper into P2P processes. Creating a more effective and efficient business cycle while getting rid of the gaps between multiple processes. We all want our business operations to run smoothly and to have staff, clients and suppliers that are happy and want to stick around; However, that doesn’t come without hard work and constant revision to your processes.

What suppliers expect

As I briefly touched on, we want to make sure suppliers are happy and by doing this we have to meet their expectations. So what do they expect? In short, a few things they look for are on-time payments, patience and understanding, a clear and simple approach, and an open dialogue. If you can achieve these five expectations you will have a pretty good relationship with your supplier. It may sound easy but when you start to look into the process of achieving each expectation it starts to become a bit complex.

Let’s look at on-time payments: How do you achieve them on a reoccurring basis? You might think it’s not attainable to always make payments on time, but it is possible if you have an effective process. There is a good chance you have multiple suppliers, so the accounts payable staff is dealing with multiple invoices. They must enter each invoice into your system and make sure it goes through the proper approval channels. When your staff is bogged down by an array of tasks and the invoices keep piling up it is hard to stay afloat and get out all supplier payments on time. This can often create a stressful work environment for AP staff, and often leads to unhappy suppliers. Take our purchase-to-pay assessment and see whether your organization is efficiently managing its.

Test your P2P process

First, ask yourself how long does it take to process invoices both purchase ordered (PO’d) and non-PO’d, reconcile discrepancies or perform mundane tasks such as data entry and filing. Now this is where Esker comes in. We want you to be successful and can help you do that by creating a well-oiled P2P “machine”. We have created an assessment for you to see where your organization stands in the P2P process. So what are you waiting for? It’s just a click away! Take our quick assessment to see where your P2P process stands and learn ways to:

  • Improve visibility and reporting
  • Decrease maverick spend
  • Decrease processing time
  • Increase dispute resolution
  • … and so much more!

Esker’s assessment will let you know how automated your process really is and the steps you can take to become best-in-class. Put your P2P process to the test and see where you rank!

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Caitlyn Riedl

As a Marketing Manager at Esker, Caitie works on marketing campaigns for fax and accounts payable automation solutions. When she is not busy with vendors and content promotion she enjoys hanging out with her puppy and fiancé.

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