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Don’t let the florescent lights and PowerPoint slides fool you, this was by no means a snoozing seminar.

Last week, Esker hosted a regional event highlighting our automation solutions for the order-to-cash conversion cycle. Over 40 of us met in a training room at the end of the hallway within the building that hosts Molex Incorporated’s headquarters in Chicagoland, IL. Don’t let the florescent lights and PowerPoint slides fool you, this was by no means a snoozing seminar. We had customers and prospects from around the Midwest participating in a day’s worth of interactive discussions about best-in-class practices, pain points and solutions.

As a marketer, I see my role as a storyteller. I tell stories through blogs like this, email promotions or webinars. I get giddy when a new piece of content comes out or Esker is featured in an industry report. I use these types of pieces as tools to help me tell the narrative. I love bragging about the countless productivity-gains and cost savings our solution provides (I’m shameless), but there’s still no report, eBook or white paper that can replace hearing stories from solution-users firsthand.

Sharing the Order Processing Automation

My favorite slogan from the seminar was from the first presentation. “Just a Couple of Clicks,” the presenter from Nibco exclaimed, hardly containing her excitement for the lifted burden off her team’s order processing workload. Who would have thought order entry could be so easy when it’s only been thought of as a cumbersome, error-prone process.

The facts just don’t lie. Automation has allowed for some startlingly results. We heard discussions about:

  • Processing Orders up to 80% faster
  • Cutting processing costs in half
  • Eliminating 99% of processing errors – which in return eliminated the cost of order errors
  • Gaining visibility and productivity in the department through reports and dashboards

The victories were just astonishing. Don’t get me wrong, the seminar was not a sales pitch. We didn’t talk Esker the entire day. We also shared ideas on change management, employee incentive programs, department structure optimization, company culture, etc. I would describe it as a gathering of like-minded professionals sharing their business process stories, challenges and successes.

Sound like something you want to be a part of?

Check out our Annual Esker Americas User Conference (EAUC) which provides professionals a fun place to network and learn more about hot industry topics like:

  • Customer Service and Satisfaction Excellence
  • Best-in-Class Business Process Practices
  • Trends and the Future of the Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Panelist Discussions from Top Industry Leaders
  • And, best of all, the fun, free-spirited Esker Culture

Learn more about other automation stories and EAUC by checking out our website. Hope to talk to you there!

Colleen Reddy

As a Solutions Marketing Manager at Esker, Colleen understands exactly how the pains of manual processing and paper affect business professionals. Focusing on accounts payable, sales order processing and cloud faxing, Colleen brings tips and tricks on how to improve document processing and workflow in your company.

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