GET OVER IT: 3 Steps For a Paperless Office

Did you know that today is defiantly dubbed GET OVER IT DAY™?   According to the website,, it’s based on the idea that EVERYONE has SOMETHING to get over.

While the gist of this mantra applies mainly to getting over things in our personal lives — and with a heavy dose of humor — I believe the workplace holds just as many “get over it” opportunities – one of which is near and dear to Esker’s heart: PAPER.

We’re obsessed with helping companies “get over” paper – or in our words: Quit Paper™ .   I’ve got three things you can do today to hunt down extra paper in your office and see if you in need to Get Over It… 

3 Steps to Quitting Paper in Your Office

1) Find the business process culprits – These are typically back-office processes laden with daily document exchange between customers and partners such as inbound order processingaccounts payable, accounts receivable just to name a few.  In short:  find the piles and you’ve found the processes.  Then, be a champion for technology to make those process electronic and automated for a paperless office.

2) Hunt down the file cabinets –  You know you have them!   Find them – what documents are inside?  This will lead you to the business process culprits above.

3)  Double is trouble – Ask people to tell you about their day-to-day work.   When you hear, “I make a copy…”,   “I print  this and key in the information…”, or “I print this, then I scan it…”, you are doing double the work because you are manually handling documents — many of which were probably electronic to begin with!   Hmmm…

Bottom line:  If your business runs on paper, it’s not running well.   See how other companies have found dramatic increases in speed, cost reduction, and efficiency by removing paper and automating document processes.

Got a good Quit Paper™ idea?   Tell us about it! How are you achieving a paperless office?

Esker Inc.

Esker helps organizations eliminate paper and improve business processes by integrating on-premise and on-demand document automation with applications — for higher efficiency in sales order processing, invoicing, accounts payable and purchasing to shorten order-to-cash and procure-to-pay cycles.

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