e, because the personality fit. Often smell, or because they always have a deep interest in each other, because grace deep sense, because luck is good. But some of them must be forgiving and grateful. That is, you are not angel incarnation, but you still love, and always loved by a person. Youth is a poem Even if the scenery along the charming, but only overlooking the appreciation, can not get involved in the meantime, linger, lost direction. Friendship is the love of buds, love is the flower of love in full bloom, marriage is not the end of love, but more exciting collection, bloom more perfect, more fragile, and edge to open the end of the beautiful fruit. The feelings between men and women are subtle, lover eyes out of the West, the love of men and women intoxicated in the poetic fantasy, only to see each other s beautiful side, fog and mirrors, separated by a layer of hazy mysterious beauty. Married to find the mind of the Prince Charming was originally a stupid LPIC-2 it exam bull, had to worship the mini skirt she is not the embodiment of Venus. Marriage of happiness is not a heaven sent, the need for joint efforts to cultivate each other, the other side of the shortcomings to tolerate their own personality to improve, learn from LPIC-2 each other pondering, like two polygonal stones touch together, more grinding more round, Lpi Certification in order to gradually complete. More than before marriage to

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
117-151 Lpi Level 1 Exam 101(with dpkg) Lpi LPIC-2
117-199 Ubuntu Level 1 Exam Lpi LPIC-2
117-201 LPI level 2 Exam 201 Lpi LPIC-2
117-202 LPI Level 2 Exam 202 Lpi LPIC-2

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