Customer Issue Management: Eliminating Pains with Automation


When a business delivers a product to a customer, there’s always the possibility it will arrive with a missing component, damaged good or defective part.

Stuff happens, as the old adage goes.

But when the you-know-what hits the fan and the customer is demanding answers, the last thing your business needs is to be caught off guard.

An inefficient customer issue management system not only makes life harder for customer service representatives (CSRs) who have to clean up the mess, it can domino into customer dissatisfaction and loss of business.

Do any of these common pains sound familiar?

  • Overly complex issue management systems
  • Lack of communication between services
  • Little to no follow-up on customer issues

If so, there’s a good chance your business is feeling the effects:

  • Errors from manual claims handling
  • Frustrated customers “jumping ship”
  • Damaged reputation and financial losses

Fortunately, dealing with a serious problem such as this has a very simple solution — automated customer issue management.

Benefits of Customer Issue Management Automation

When you boil it down, issue management automation has one clear and comprehensive function: streamlining every aspect of customer claims handling, processing and resolution.

Actions that were simply not possible in a manual operation before — e.g. quickly logging and accessing issues, prioritizing, analyzing and reacting to claims, etc. — can now be orchestrated electronically.

Best of all, creating, managing and tracking customer issues is all done through the same interface that’s used to manage customer orders.

No new software to implement. No new interfaces to learn.

The benefits of this type of efficiency and collaboration within customer issue management include: 

  • Improved customer service. The better your customer service, the higher your customer satisfaction rates will be. An engaged staff and rapid issue resolution are things any customer will appreciate.
  • Full process visibility. In just one click, customer orders and their related issues can be retrieved electronically. Data can be filtered to create relevant and precise management reports.
  • Real-time KPIs & dashboards. Daily activities can be organized using “traffic light” metrics that provide clear and up-to-date information on the number of customer issues awaiting resolution.
  • Customized workflows. Every company has their own unique situations and exceptions. Issue management allows you to configure specific workflows to meet these specific needs.
  • Rapid implementation. As part of an order processing automation solution, issue management can be implemented in the cloud — meaning no additional hardware or software requirements and rapid ROI.
  • Happier staff members. When CSRs have issue management under control, they are less stressed and more focused, giving them a greater sense of achievement and motivation.

If customer complaints are putting your staff on its collective toes, it might be time to explore automated customer issue management.

After all, it’s true what they say: The best defense is a good offense.

Check out the infographic to learn more!

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