4 Reasons Small Businesses Should Embrace Cloud Fax Services


Keeping up with the ever-changing technology world can be very difficult and expensive for small businesses, leaving them unsure about future success. But one thing’s for certain — small businesses need to cut the cord with fax machines and embrace the cloud.

4 Benefits of Cloud Fax Services:

  1. Cost Savings
    The largest savings with a cloud fax service comes from removing the cost of hardware and maintenance. A cloud platform allows companies to access the necessary hardware through the service provider and only pay for what they’re using. This makes the cloud much more cost effective than traditional computing infrastructures. In addition, the cloud reduces paper consumption, in turn, reducing the amount of company cash spent on products like paper, ink cartridges, etc.

  2. Improved Security
    Some companies my think the cloud is less secure than on-premises solutions, but this is far from the truth. Cloud fax services are frequently better versed in security than individual companies because of the utilization of tools like encryption and security certificates. Small businesses often have employees tackle tasks in multiple departments, and those handling IT operations sometimes aren’t knowledgeable in the IT field. Having multiple employees trained on security protocols handing important documents can lead to big problem.
  3. Increased Collaboration
    Cloud fax services allows employees to collaborate more effectively with one another, increasing productivity and efficiency. Files that have been backed up in the cloud can be shared with a link, eliminating cumbersome email attachments and making it easier and faster to send data.
  4. Real-Time Updates
    Most cloud fax services allow you to monitor your faxes using real-time tracking. In case of an error, most cloud services send an automatic email notification with the description of the error (e.g., voice answer, unavailable number, three unsuccessful attempts, etc).

Small businesses have nothing to fear when it comes to cloud fax services. The cost savings, improved security, added mobility and increased collaboration make switching to cloud fax services an easy choice!

Want to hear it from somebody like you? Listen to Kuhl Insurance tell their story on making the change to cloud fax services. Or, check out this awesome infographic on paper consumption in the U.S.

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