Freedom from Traditional Faxing

cloud faxI’m sure most of you are thinking “It’s 2017… who faxes anymore?”. With the advancement of technology in the 21st century, it isn’t uncommon to think faxing is a thing of that past. However, it is very much alive and a vital part of business. But how can we get freedom from costly and complex fax machines and infrastructure? Cloud fax automation! Could this really work, and possibly even give IT personnel some fax relief? You bet!

Why Fax is Needed

So let’s address the ever lingering question, do companies still fax and why is it needed today? There are many industries out there that rely on fax. Healthcare is an industry that uses fax as a primary means of communication, but there are other industries that use it simply because they have customers who refuse to use email. Other companies will use fax because they have a department that uses an application which has built-in fax. There are many reasons, from large to small, why a company would still use faxing — so why keep the complicated infrastructures and expensive equipment?

Alleviate IT Pains Associated with Faxing

Not only do people think faxing is falling behind the times, but it can be costly and a pain for IT staff to maintain. New versions of fax machines and upgrades are always hitting the market so the cost involved in simply keeping up with the times can start weighing on companies and the IT individuals that head up faxing. Along with the added costs of maintaining the newest versions, there is a total cost of ownership with faxing. Who is involved in maintaining the machines and managing infrastructures to support fax; not to mention all the ongoing telephony expenses and telecom charges. This is all starting to sound overwhelming and we have only briefly touched on cost!

There also are business side effects that traditional faxing can disrupt like when a fax machine fails without warning, or having older hardware and software which provides lack of scalability to support growth. How can you combat all of this with cloud fax automation? For more information on alleviating IT pains associated from traditional faxing with cloud fax automation download the IT & Business Benefits of Cloud Faxing White Paper.

Why not be free from the mess and cost of traditional faxing and learn more about how cloud fax automation can help you and your company. Download this White Paper to get all your questions answered on why companies need faxing today and how you can make it cost effective and efficient for your company and employees.

Caitlyn Riedl

As a Marketing Manager at Esker, Caitie works on marketing campaigns for fax and accounts payable automation solutions. When she is not busy with vendors and content promotion she enjoys hanging out with her puppy and fiancé.

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2 thoughts on “Freedom from Traditional Faxing

  1. I have been working with fax servers for 20 years, and I keep hearing about the death of fax. Business has not slowed down since.

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post, I’m glad to hear you haven’t noticed business slowing down. Did you get a chance to listen to the webinar on Freedom From Fax?

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