Avoiding Unexpected Results: How to Vet an Automation Solution Provider


Automation Solution Provider

It’s been a year of upsets, from the World Series (Go Cubs!) to the presidential election. With variables like skill level and weather, to social media and poll attendance playing their part in the outcomes, choosing (or predicting) the winner requires risk and a little luck.


Fortunately, picking the perfect automation solution provider for your company doesn’t have to follow suit. Through careful consideration and vetting of all options, unexpected consequences and potential risks can be reduced or even eliminated.

Solidify the future success of your company by choosing the right automation solution provider for your process, here’s how:

  1. Connect with current and previous customers
    One of the best ways to learn about the history and current state of a candidate’s organization is by connecting with its current, and even previous, customers. A great place to start is with customer case studies, as they offer insight into challenges overcome and benefits achieved by customers. Don’t stop there, though. Reach out to current and/or previous customers for information on their personal experiences with the company that may not have been mentioned in a case study, such as:
  • Unforeseen benefits gained
  • Challenges created by the product
  • Customer service and responsiveness
  • Ease of implementation and/or setbacks
  • Overall product satisfaction
  1. Scope out awards and achievements
    If a company has a great product or service, they will likely have some sort of award to show for it. Usually companies will tout such awards on their website, so do a little digging and find out what they’ve achieved. Organizations with a tried-and-true track record of success are often more capable of helping your business succeed as well.
  1. Test drive before you buy
    When purchasing a vehicle, you always take it for a test drive first. You’re making a large investment, one that effects many other parts of your life (i.e., finances, safety, mobility, etc.). When a company is purchasing an automation solution, they should always take the product on a practice run. With a considerable amount of money involved in the decision, it is important to fully understand and experience what the product is capable of, the effect it will have on your business process, possible problems, and how easily your staff will be able to adapt to the new system.

Done with vetting and ready to get an automation solution on board? Check out these white papers to start building a successful business case for your automation project!



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