Winning a Gold Medal in Document Process Automation

Though Esker may deserve the honor, we won’t take to the stage while the National Anthem plays. Rather, we’ll gladly accept the accolades, as we already have from many clients throughout the globe using our services to automate their document process. With so many advantages to adopting Esker’s document process automation solutions, companies can’t avoid seeing gold once they eye the results.

In the Olympics it is the winner that takes home the gold. Katy Perry’s song ‘Rise’ represents the spirit of the event and explains why the Olympic Committee chose it as the theme song for the 2016 games.

Esker also rises to the occasion to meet the demands of the market. By spanning the complete order-to-cash and procure-to-pay cycles, literally any company can go paperless in whichever business process they choose.

In this year’s Olympics, media technologies explode to bring every aspect of the games alive without delay. Streaming of events, dashboards integrating Olympic news and content, real-time results, video compression — it’s all meant to give the viewer instant access to any event at the highest quality of transmission.

That’s where the real gold is — when a company’s documents are readily available to designated employees. What technology has done for the Olympics, Esker has accomplished for the business world.

Solutions like order processing automation allow businesses to process orders 80% faster, getting you to the finish line quicker than ever.

If that doesn’t sound like winning the gold for order processing, let’s see how accounts payable automation comes out.  It allows organizations to receive and enter invoices up to 65% faster!

From accounts payable, accounts receivables, order management and more, Esker’s services have achieved global recognition as the gold standard of automated document processing. With a winning attitude, Esker provides its clients with everything they need to achieve an award-winning document process — take it from Parts Town!

Contact us at Esker, Inc. for more information on how we can help your company’s business process to get the gold with an automation solution.

Renee Platto

As Esker’s Digital Marketing Manager, Renee is in charge of social media, paid advertising, blog and the website. When she’s not analyzing her reports you can find her cooking up a new recipe, cheering on her favorite sport teams, or playing with her kitty.

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