Order Processing: Why Companies Automate Fax & Email Orders

We held a series of live webinars last week because customer service leaders have been coming to us for help with getting their fax and email orders into their ERP systems automatically and efficiently. We’ve found this to be a hot topic recently, especially among companies who are experiencing growing order volumes and are unable or hesitant to add staff.

This is an important initiative because when companies start eliminating the heavy paper burden that comes with fax and email order processing, they gain significant process efficiencies and consistency. They benefit from transparency in the process for effective order management and responsive customer service, and order processing errors are virtually eliminated. Some companies have experienced 40% -70% reduction in order processing costs and a reduction in order processing time by 90%.

You can view last week’s webinars at http://www.esker.com/news/webinars.asp

Do you find fax and email orders to be a pain? How are you handling them today?

Kasey Schmitz

Kasey is a Senior Marketing Manager at Esker, and oversees Esker's lead generation, demand generation and database teams.

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