Who Is Your Esker Solution Support?

Post written by Amy Carr, Solutions Support Specialist with Esker Solution Support in Madison, WI.

Esker solution support has been making some significant changes within the department over the past year. The first thing was to make a change with our name. We wanted to have a name that fits exactly what we do. Esker’s technical support not only provides support to our customers when they have issues, but we also provide guidance and training in evaluating our customer’s needs while working closely with all departments. Now, instead of us being called “Esker Technical Support”, you will be hearing us refer to ourselves as Esker Solutions Support—or ESS, for short.

With the name change, we are now working to shift toward more than just offering our customers technical support, but also opening the department up to more of a customer experience. To be in the Esker solution support role, a high level of customer service is key. We need to be patient and understanding, as customers are likely already under a lot of stress and pressure to get their issues resolved.

After an issue has been submitted and resolved, we ask our customers to answer a brief survey to provide feedback of our service. Just recently, we have implemented a new strategy to get our customers to answer our brief closed case surveys. Every month we will send out a $50 gift card from a random drawing of those customers that fill out the survey. Whether or not you had a good experience, we want to know!

What are people saying about Esker Solutions Support?


Esker Solution Support Teaming Up With Corvel Corporation for Cloud Success

All of our customers are a pleasure to work with, of course.  However, we have those exceptional customers that are respectful, courteous, and always responsive to whatever we ask. It is helpful to receive files and screenshots before diving into a case to ensure that proper research has been done to effectively troubleshoot issues. We do understand that it can be difficult to wait for the technician to receive and review information, but it does help to have all pertinent information. What has changed?  Has it ever worked? What have you already tried to resolve the issue?  These basic questions really do get us a long way into solving issues quickly and effectively.

Do you remember the golden rule?  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…treat others as you wish to be treated….there are many variations.  Believe it or not that also helps in getting your issue solved quickly!  Linda Grant from Corvel Corporation is great example of how we work together.  They just recently moved from an on premise system to our Esker on Demand cloud service. With an aging infrastructure, Corvel knew that changes needed to be made in order to have a competitive advantage. With this move to Esker on Demand comes a lot of correspondence between ESS and Corvel’s team. We will be working closely with them to help make the transition seamless. We have the resources to get the job done; however, creating that strong partnership between ourselves and Corvel is critical. We are their ally. Linda and our ESS team have created an honest, trusting and effective alliance that allows us to communicate soundly and accomplish our tasks quickly and successfully.

Let’s Talk Support…

There are several ways to reach Esker Solution Support. By calling 800-368-5283, email support@esker.com or by online chat via our website.

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