Tools and Resources for Millennials in the Workplace

MillennialsA new and powerful generation of millennials has already taken the workplace by storm, and according to employment predictions, in just a few short years they will make up nearly half of the global workforce. As they are the largest generation since the baby boomers to enter the workforce, they are critical to the future of businesses around the world.

As senior employees reach retirement age, businesses must look to millennials in order to fill vacant positions. However, it is not enough to simply attract the most skilled and knowledgeable workers of this generation, the key is in keeping them. To do so businesses must understand the differences between millennials and their predecessors in terms of what they expect from an employer.

Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials are career ambitious, but also have a very different set of expectations from their employers versus those of senior workers. They place a larger emphasis on work/life balance, with personal needs taking the lead. They also expect to progress quickly and have a desire to continue learning and growing throughout their career.

Due to changes in expectations between the generations, businesses who do not make necessary changes often find themselves losing some of their most promising employees.

In fact, a study conducted by PWC concluded that 72% of millennials admitted they had made compromises when accepting their current position, and only 18% believed they would remain with the employer long-term. One of the biggest reason for this anticipated high turn-over rate, is that millennials feel hindered by outdated work styles or an environment that is too rigid.

As a generation that is tech-savvy and great at multi-tasking, it is no surprise that they expect a work environment that utilizes these skills. After all, they are the first generation to have grown up with instant access to information, also making them the first to enter the workforce with a better grasp of a tool essential for the growth and longevity of a business, that of technology.

Providing the Right Tools

Providing the right tools for millennials to thrive in their work environment is not difficult. It requires a company to offer the most effective and efficient way for this younger generation to get the job done. It means providing tools that employees are not only comfortable using, but also enable them to do the job better.

As this generation grew up with the latest technology at their fingertips, the way in which they interact and communicate has changed. With the use of social media, laptops, and smartphones, millennials have become accustomed to using live chat and other online methods to correspond with others. In fact, in the same survey conducted by PWC, they discovered that an estimated 41% of millennials preferred electronic communications at work over face-to-face or telephone.

As a result, the use of automated tools has become a great solution for many companies who are searching for ways to improve the work environment and customer service. Automated solutions are easy to access and available twenty-four hours a day, which also gives employees a better way to balance their personal life and career.

Also, by offering in the cloud or automated solutions, employees have a way to communicate with customers in a manner they are both comfortable and proficient in. For the company, this results in stronger customer relationships and higher profits. It also creates an overall happier work environment, which can reduce employee turn-over rate.

When it comes to customer service, giving your team the type of tools they want is essential. Esker’s in the cloud or automated solutions is a simple way for employees to comfortably communicate with customers.

Kasey Schmitz

Kasey is a Senior Marketing Manager at Esker, and oversees Esker's lead generation, demand generation and database teams.

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