TermSync Solution Updates

We’re excited to share with you all that’s new with TermSync! We hope these updates continue to improve your experience as we start the fourth quarter.

Promise to Pay enhancements

Have you ever wanted to view all of your customers who’ve made a Promise to Pay, but haven’t followed through on the commitment? TermSync is making it really easy to gather this information with a new filter called Reason for Contact within the Collection Calls Needed listing. There are three new options to choose from: Collection Call Rules, Overdue Promise to Pay, and Follow-Up Scheduled.

Overdue Promise to Pay will give a listing of those customers who’ve promised to submit payment by a certain date, but have not followed through. We recommend creating a new filter and saving it to your custom to-do List on the receivables dashboard for quick access. Click here for more information.

Also, a Promise to Pay column is now available to add to your payment reminder emails. Adding this column to your payment reminder lets your customer know the Promise to Pay has been noted and keeps everyone accountable.

Create greater customer satisfaction by offering a new payment option

Are your clients asking you how to make an invoice payment by credit card through the TermSync customer portal? Providing your clients with many payment options has traditionally resulted in faster collection and an overall improvement in customer satisfaction. Feedback from existing clients that have leveraged the TermSync customer portal has resulted in removing and automating their manual legacy credit card payment acceptance. Additionally, an ROI case could be developed through the reduced cost spent on those manual processes, the offloading of payment card risk off your network and on to ours, as well as a more competitive transaction costs.

Adding credit cards as a payment option is extremely easy and can be activated within just a few business days. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of offering your customers this payment method, please reach out to your TermSync Account Manager to learn more!

 Online credit application 

Are you still relying on a paper credit application? Streamline your application process today using TermSync’s online credit application platform. Not only will your applicants have access to a convenient application process, but you will be able to take advantage of the credit application dashboard for easy reporting and management — all from your existing TermSync account! If you’re interested in learning more, contact your account manager.

If you currently aren’t using the TermSync product and are looking for a collections management tool, be sure to do your research and make sure these items make the list!

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