SAPPHIRE NOW 2017: Spreading the Word About Order Processing Automation

order processing automation

Every year Esker travels to Orlando, Florida, for the annual SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG conference to spread the word about document process automation – this year was one of our best years yet! Our team had the chance to speak with hundreds of attendees who visited the booth. We learned a great deal about the current customer landscape and now have an even greater understanding of the struggles organizations face when it comes to manual processes.

At the conference, Steve Smith, Esker’s chief operating officer, spoke about order processing automation and how it improves the customer experience. It was a packed session, and it created a lot of buzz among attendees afterwards. The dialog was engaging and meaningful, as people wanted to learn more about order management and how automation can benefit their organization.

As we spoke with attendees, we recognized common themes of the conversations:

  • Pains around manually entering fax and email orders
  • Lack of visibility
  • Challenges with electronic data interchange (EDI) exceptions

Steve addressed the different ways that order processing automation helps companies move past these pains and operate more efficiently. For example, companies can improve customer experience, gain productivity, reduce costs and increase visibility into the order process without making customers change the way they do business. Customers can still submit their orders via the channels they prefer – fax, email, EDI, customer portal. At the same time, companies can treat any order as an electronic process without causing disruption for the customer.

At the Esker booth, we had three demos stations. The demos were a hit with booth visitors because they could gain hands-on experience with dashboards, which they found to be user friendly and highly functional. People loved that all the data was visible right at their fingertips. We also had a barista serving cappuccinos, lattes and espressos – caffeine is a must at these events!

As the conference came to an end, the Esker team reflected on another successful year at SAPPHIRE NOW. We loved the energy, the speakers and the chance to spread the word about how document process automation can improve businesses around the world.


Kasey Schmitz

Kasey is a Senior Marketing Manager at Esker, and oversees Esker's lead generation, demand generation and database teams.

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