Seven Zen Habits of Terminal Emulation

terminal emulation

Recently I started meditating and began to think of how old the practice is. How does it work? Would I really feel better after? Would it reduce my stress? Could I really change habits? And then I began to think of terminal emulation and how it has been around as long as some Eastern medicine practices — well, almost as long, and it too provides many benefits — but most importantly, terminal emulation is simple and it works!

So let’s look at some things terminal emulation can do for you!

  • Cost control (meditation is free incidentally) – terminal emulation provides centralized application management and a significant reduction in workstation maintenance costs.
  • Unmatched security (it is possible to fall off the bolster when meditating) – in a world where protection of sensitive data is paramount, SmarTerm terminal emulation provides a range of security encoding capabilities to safeguard communication between client and host.
  • Flexible (another reason I started meditation) – terminal emulation can be quickly implemented providing a high-performance host connectivity solution.
  • Simple deployment (meditation is anything but simple to get good at, I wish it had a nifty toolbox) – the Administrator Toolbox provides convenient control of desktop standardization for specific user groups helping to keep support costs low and productivity high.
  • Automation and integration (integrating meditation into your day is not quite as simple) – the Toolbox includes a powerful VB-compatible macro language and recorder to automate consuming activities such as host logins and file transfers.
  • Dependable (I love old Eastern medicines – they are so dependable!) – terminal emulation provides a wide range of connectivity choices to meet your requirements including support for Microsoft Host Integration Server, Telnet, TCP/IP and TAPI modem connections.
  • Multiple languages (I do not speak any eastern language but perhaps if I did I would find meditating easier…) – terminal emulation can provide your single-box solution for multilingual access to host data with connectivity sessions in English, French, German and Spanish.

Terminal emulation and meditation have been around for years. Esker’s SmarTerm is a reliable PC-to-host connectivity software that delivers precise terminal emulation and high performance access to data and applications. Meditation provides access to a clear mind. These two powerful tools are easy to deploy, flexible, and simple — they are zen.

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