Reducing Your IT Footprint: How to Migrate from In-House Fax Machines to Hosted Cloud Fax

IT Footprint

Let’s face it: Whenever a fax issue arises we always turn to the same resource … IT! So why do so many businesses continue to burden IT departments with all the maintenance and pain of traditional faxing when they could be focusing on more value-added tasks?

It’s important to take some time to evaluate all that IT does for fax. When you aren’t on the front end dealing with the issues that come with traditional fax, it’s common to overlook the amount of time and effort spent on addressing issues.

You might be asking yourself: What are the biggest troubles for IT that are associated with traditional fax? Let’s take a look at a few.

  • No guarantee in business continuity. This will encompass system failures which cause business downtime.
  • Unpredictable pricing. This includes maintenance costs, multiple servers, telephony, telecom charges and more.
  • System complexity. Business activities such as mergers and acquisitions can result in a complicated web of multiple vendors and systems.
  • Difficultly supporting customer issues. IT can spend a good portion of time trying to reconcile the variety of potential fax issues customers may encounter. Maybe something is going on with the resolution or maybe they simply aren’t receiving anything — either way, IT needs to quickly resolve the issue.

These are only a few things IT does with traditional faxing, but you can see how it adds up quickly and has the potential to overwhelm. How can we reduce the IT footprint and start to give IT some value-added tasks back? By moving fax to the cloud!

I know you are probably wondering: How can cloud fax really help reduce the IT footprint when you are bringing in another type of technology? Let’s take a look at the advantages of cloud faxing and how it can help IT departments lighten their faxing loads.

To start, moving to the cloud helps reduce the amount of infrastructure and the costs that comes with it. With cloud faxing, you won’t need fax boards/modems, dedicated phone lines, PBX upgrades, or even hardware and telephony costs! So yes, even though you are bringing in another technology you are taking away much more.

Getting rid of all the pesky technologies that come with traditional fax would be a huge load off IT, but that isn’t all. Cloud faxing can also offer:

  • Predictable pricing. Through the use of a pay-per-use pricing model, businesses have complete control over faxing expenses.
  • Unified functionality. Systems will be consolidated with automation capabilities that will connect fax to the various processes that run on documents.
  • Accelerated processing speed. Manual touch points that disrupt the workflow will be obsolete. Critical documents will be able to be processed the same day they are generated by the ERP or desktop system.
  • Greater reliability. Internal redundancies are used to keep your information safe from hardware failures, and there is 24/7 monitoring for business continuity.

Those are just a few things cloud faxing can do to help reduce the IT footprint. Download the white paper: IT & Business Benefits of Cloud Faxing to find out more benefits your IT department and business will get with cloud faxing! Start the migration over to cloud faxing today and reduce the IT footprint — your IT department will thank you!

Caitlyn Riedl

As a Marketing Manager at Esker, Caitie works on marketing campaigns for fax and accounts payable automation solutions. When she is not busy with vendors and content promotion she enjoys hanging out with her puppy and fiancé.

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