We Moved to a New Office: 7 Ways to Create a Productive Work Environment

IMG_3785Here at Esker, we specialize in helping other companies become more productive with their workflow. However, we’ve spent the last few months thinking about how our own team members can increase productivity. And to start the new year right, we just moved to our new office. Here are several exciting work space features that will enhance our team members’ health and productivity during 2017:

1. Standing desks allow employees to avoid prolonged sitting: All team members have desks that they can use while standing. This healthy option gives employees the opportunity to avoid being sedentary for too long. In fact, according to this Huffington Post article, studies show that prolonged sitting can increase your risk of colon or breast cancer. By reducing the amount of sitting per day, the article claims, you can add up to two years to your life.IMG_3755

2. Low cube walls offer a more open work space: Open floor plans have been around since the sixties. We’ve built on that concept by selecting low cube walls so that team members can communicate, yet still have a sense of their own work area. We’ve also balanced out these “collaborative areas” by providing options where our team members find privacy while taking a break or while working.IMG_3753

3. The game room is a place to go to release stress and relax. This game space offers a way to separate work from non-work. It gives us a breather so we can perform better once we get back to our work spots. In fact, this Entrepreneur article states that frequent, brief breaks during the day are beneficial, especially those that include movement and the opportunity for the body to totally disengage from the activities of work. IMG_3772

4. A hub with lounge seating and a kitchen gives us a relaxing place to eat our lunch and mingle with other coworkers. The Entrepreneur article reminds us that lunch is the longest break away from work during the day, where people have the chance to refuel mentally and physically. The article warns, however, that the benefits of a break don’t happen if you work while eating – so this area gives us a place to leave work behind for a little while. We’ve provided plenty of areas where team members can then return to their tasks, fully refreshed and focused.IMG_3764

5. Phone booths offer privacy: Our employees have a place to go to have private conversations or make a phone call. It’s important for employees to have areas where they can spend a private moment, especially when the layout is open or semi-open. Taking a quiet moment is another way in which a team member can take a brief break from work before heading back to the work area.IMG_3781

6. Ceiling-to-floor windows and outdoor patios offer areas where team members get some sun while they’re working. This Harvard University School of Public Health article estimates that 1 billion people worldwide have a vitamin D deficiency. These work space options offer our team members a healthy dose of sunshine, whether they choose to work inside or outside.IMG_3792

7. Finally, our new building is located close to several restaurants and shops. Yet another way for our team members to refuel during the longest break of the day, enjoy the sun and move around, these locations offer an alternative to eating in the workplace. Our employees can take a respite from the routine work space and return ready to take on the next part of the day.

We are excited to start out 2017 in our new office and increase our team’s productivity. Make sure to follow us on social media to see more pictures of our new spot.

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As Esker’s Digital Marketing Manager, Renee is in charge of social media, paid advertising, blog and the website. When she’s not analyzing her reports you can find her cooking up a new recipe, cheering on her favorite sport teams, or playing with her kitty.

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8 thoughts on “We Moved to a New Office: 7 Ways to Create a Productive Work Environment

  1. Great list of productivity suggestions. One that I saw at Zappos is that they had their desktop support have “office hours” in the lunch room, during the hours that the cafeteria is open. That way people having problems can just pop on down to the cafeteria when they need help, and they can grab a coffee while they wait.

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