PART ONE: Reflection on Discussions at SAP’s SAPPHIRE Customer Event

A few weeks ago, I attended Sapphire SAP’s main customer event. During the week, I had several conversations with Medical Device and Diagnostics Companies that shared similar pains in terms of a lack of visibility in their Order and Request for Quote (RFQ) processes.

The common discussion we have with Customer Service/Order Management teams seems to be the need for them free-up staff so that they may focus on value added activities such as planning deliveries, speaking with the customers over the phone, educating the customers about products and services, etc.. Part of the joy with my job is being able to share that this is a particular strength of Esker. When talking with these teams, much of the discussion surrounds the fact that Esker can facilitate these value added activities as the software works to automate the routing and entry of countless orders. Another feature that brings a significant amount of value is Esker’s ability to improve the visibility of orders in the queue. In fact, based on several projects that I have delivered this valued feature of Esker has brought greater benefit than the Customer and I initially anticipated on several occasions.

During the Sapphire event several Companies explained that their order process has a strict timeline that must be followed. Their customers are often Hospitals, who typically order goods on a “just-in-time” basis in order to minimize their Inventory costs and manage their cash flows. Yet those goods they are ordering can very well be required for a surgery taking place the very next day. This puts a lot of pressure on their Supplier to process all orders the same day the order was received, and more to the point, it typically means orders for certain products or regions must be processed faster than other less time sensitive orders.

A “First In, First Out” (FIFO) approach may not be good enough if a company receives several hundreds of orders via email and fax each day. Then to make matters worse, the Customer Service group are without the tools to alert them that an urgent or “rush” order is stuck waiting for processing to run its course. This lack of visibility can translate into delayed deliveries, frustrated customers, and a big hit on the company’s performance scorecard.

Part Two of my blog will share the solutions that Esker provides to these challenges that Medical Device and Diagnostics Companies face with these pitfalls of order processing.

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Daniel Reeve

Dan Reeve has been with Esker for 18 years. As Sales Director he helps companies streamline and improve visibility across order to cash and procure to pay. Transforming customer service and helping companies utilize digital transformation in order to compete via service/customer loyalty. For P2P it means accelerating invoice approval, paying suppliers faster, freeing up cash flow and leveraging supply chain finance opportunities.

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