Paper is Super-Duper Lame

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paper-reduce-paperwork-automation-cloudThere are a lot of things that are lame…

  • Getting a flat tire on a rainy day.
  • Dropping your new smart phone into your cup of java (double whammy—ruined phone and coffee?—ugh).
  • Working late to make sure that you process all of the customer orders stacked up on your desk.
  • Finding out that an invoice was paid twice… wait, three times?

I tell you… I am not a fan of paper. I finally broke down and put up a white board in my office to de-clutter all of the notes I was collecting on my desk. Now I have my clean desk—free of chaos and distraction.

Where’s Your Paper At?

So tell me, where’s your paper building up? What kind of paper is it? Business documents? Reminder notes? Many companies and professionals still think the only way to do things is with excessive paper. Printing out customer orders and vendor invoices. Receiving fax via hardcopy (that means you have to actually get up and go to the fax machine?—gross). Manually archiving sheets upon sheets of paper into file cabinets that line your office walls.

How to Quit ‘da Paper

It may be scary—Paper is your comfort zone. You don’t trust all of these automated processes that the innovators and analysts are talking about. Especially the cloud. Nothing is safe “up there” just “floating around in the cloud,” right? (Actually.. that’s not true. Follow my steps below and learn why.)

Here are your steps to start quitting paper:

  1. Warm up to the idea. Watch this video to get quick insights into how you can quit paper in under 2 minutes.
  2. Do your research. Read this white paper for “How to Quit Paper in Any Document Process with One Solution.”
  3. Talk to someone. Sometimes the best way to get to the bottom of your questions, is to just talk to someone. Head to Esker’s homepage and chat with some of our quit paper professionals to find out how your company can save mega dollars by automating your documents.

The secret competitive advantage for your company is simplification. There is technology out there that will help you be more successful and perform more intelligently through streamlined processes. I guess the main question is… So, what are you waiting for? Start using the steps listed above to get rid of your lame stack of paper today.

Kalyn Lewis

With an extensive background in relations, writing and social media, Kalyn brings a more interactive approach to Esker's automation solutions. Check out more of her articles to start reaping the benefits of business process automation!

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