Office Productivity Trends for 2017: Moving Away from Paper-Based Systems

office productivity trends

The reliance on paper has a long road in the world of business, and it’s one that hasn’t completely ended. You’re perhaps one of those businesses still relying on paper to process your finances, and it’s undoubtedly led to significant problems. If you’ve had incidents of losing important documents, or far too many mistakes and financial discrepancies, it’s time for a change.

At the heart of this is improving your office’s productivity levels to a new height that you’ve long striven to achieve. It’s easy to say you’ll increase your productivity but difficult to do without the proper technologies.

Automation is one of the best methods to improve productivity. If you’ve heard about how automation works in the warehouse industry or in marketing, it can work in dealing with business finances as well.

Here’s some office productivity trends for 2017 to give you an idea of how great automation is and how it can finally make you go paperless.

Digitizing Paper Processes

When you can move paper to a digital format, you instantly remove major burdens like filing and data entry errors. Statistics already show 56% of all bill/invoice procedures still use paper. Overall, 46% of all financing departments still use paper-based systems.

It just goes to show the reliance on paper is still out there, and the shift to digitization still has ample room to grow. Other stats show only 41% of all businesses have a digital process in place for their documents. In many of these cases, digital transfer is only just beginning, meaning they still have a long road ahead.

Regardless, getting started now on digitizing your documents can place you in a better position to handle significant business challenges in the New Year. Doing so removes a major weight off your employees who are responsible for compliancy, and safe guarding your financial documents.

Using More Mobile Technology

No doubt you’ve seen plenty of lists about using mobile technology to enhance productivity. It’s time to place more focus on this in the coming year, especially in allowing easier access to your financial information on any mobile device. The same goes for allowing easier methods to share data between your business associates.

Reports are that by the end of next year, mobile devices are going to completely integrate with all work processes. If you’ve waited to work with mobile technology, now’s the best time to help you bring more real-time transparency to your business.

When you have to travel often, being able to access your financial information at any time is going to save you tremendous time. Now you can share data with co-workers and catch discrepancies without having to be in your office or computer to address problems.

More Simplification

Simplifying everything is one trend you need to adhere to, especially eliminating multiple tools when you could use one. Your path forward is an audit of your productivity levels to see what redundancies you have.

Doing this can help you find a solution that integrates multiple functions, including automation platforms to eliminate the need for data entry operators.

Managed Print Services

Otherwise known as MPS, managed print services is a bigger trend now rather than having to maintain on-site printing equipment on your own. Basically, you’re hiring a partner to manage printing for you by digitizing your documents from the start.

It’s another way to bring you into the digital realms and be able to enjoy automation in many other instances.

When it comes to your financial information, using automated processes can assure you won’t have to worry about downtime sifting through mistakes. Using a reliable platform and service that offers the above for you is one of the best moves you can make in the New Year.

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5 thoughts on “Office Productivity Trends for 2017: Moving Away from Paper-Based Systems

  1. I have been working on a project, where the customer is using hand-held scanners. The idea is to catalog a warehouse of documents, of different sizes and types. The challenge they are running into is the scanner itself.

    In conjunction with the scanning, we are designing a paperless environment going forward.

  2. My company has moved away from paper based solutions to the point that they had to put in place a policy for online document retention.

  3. Not just simplification, but standardization. When there are 300 different, yet simple processes, it becomes impossible to automate. The C-suite needs to realize that automation means they have to follow the same processes as everyone else. Leadership by example in this is key.

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