Making Trades in Baseball—and to the Cloud

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Written by Jon Seaman.

I am a big fan of Major League Baseball and a couple of my favorite teams are the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago White Sox.  Both teams are having tough years this year, and with the trade deadline approaching, I am reminiscing about better times in their history.  Back in 2008, the Brewers were a good team, but lacked a solid starting pitcher to get them over the hump.  In 2005, the White Sox were a team in need of changes as well.  They had four consecutive seasons in second place and did not seem to be destined for anything great. Both teams made the following moves:

 The Trades Began

–          The Milwaukee Brewers acquired an ace starting pitcher.  This was accomplished by getting coveted left handed pitcher CC Sabathia via a trade with the Cleveland Indians.

–          The Chicago White Sox went out and traded for many multi-talented players.  They traded away many fan favorite players, but received players who were fast, could make contact and help them score more runs on a consistent basis.

So what happened…?

Both of these teams made the playoffs in their respective years and the White Sox went on to win the World Series, their first title since 1917.  Both of these clubs took very large risks, but they paid off with winning seasons and happy fans–including myself.

Trading Traditional Infrastructure for a Better, Faster, Stronger One

A lot of companies today are in a similar position that the White Sox and Brewers were once in.  Management realizes that change is needed, but they are unsure of how or what to pursue. The struggles for these companies range from sending or receiving faxes, managing invoices, or handling and processing sales orders. While they currently have a manual process in place for accomplishing these tasks, they realize that this process must be improved. However, taking that next step to change is the hardest step of all.

One technology that enables companies to make the change for better business processing is the Cloud, which once was only known as just something white and puffy in the sky.  Now, it is something you could hear about nearly everyday in an advertisement or article.  The Cloud has many different names and is also known as a hosted or automated solution, or Software as a Service (SaaS). No matter what name used to refer to it, the Cloud is a tool that allows companies to no longer have to worry about maintaining their software and hardware, which can be very costly.  It also allows companies to ‘Go Green’ instantly by taking away the need to print excessive amounts of documents and allows for easy reporting and storage directly in their computer.

Cloud technology enables companies to spend more time on other revenue generating tasks and allows them to feel confident that their information is safe and secure.  Taking a look at business document automation like this can be a scary proposition, but like the 2008 Milwaukee Brewers and 2005 Chicago White Sox showed, taking chances can payoff in a big and very rewarding way.

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Jon Seaman

As Account Executive for Esker/TermSync, Jon has responsibilities for developing business and assisting companies looking at core product lines including Fax/Postal Mail, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable and Sales Order Processing. A couple unique things about Jon is he is a big U. of Nebraska football fan and once worked down in Disney World.

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