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After returning from a sales training conference, I spent time reflecting on how fortunate I am to work in the business of document automation and assisting companies to build better business processes. When many companies struggle to keep their doors open, I feel humbled and grateful to work for a financially solid organization with a growing customer base that can invest in additional employees and expansion. Thankfully, I’ve also heard the same from many of Esker’s customers.

Optimism towards the Economy

Some time ago, the now former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made some optimistic judgments about where the economy was heading:

  • Fed raised projection for annual growth in 2014, up from 3-percent to 3.5-percent
  • Predicted that unemployment would likely drop down to 6.5-percent

Now, that doesn’t mean all the Esker account managers get a new Cadillac, but the atmosphere is certainly “cautiously optimistic,” especially when I’m hearing wonderful success stories within great US companies we work with, such as Albemarle, Applied Medical, Moen, and many others.

Excellent Customer Service for a Growing Customer Base

For many of the companies we’re talking to, financially rebounding the past six to twelve months has meant an increase in their customer base. That often requires increasing the cost and workload to continue providing excellent customer service. In my opinion, as far as problems go, increasing your customer base isn’t a bad situation to have. However, as customer count increases, the amount of resources required increases—along with the proactive maintenance and support needed to provide for each of those customers. So, how can Customer Service teams continue providing the same or better services while, at the same time, not burdening their staff or having to increase operating costs?

One option is sales order processing automation. Through the use of automation, Customer Service teams can provide:

  • more services
  • faster order entry turn around
  • dedicate resources to more critical tasks; and
  • better customer service, just by implementing a few automated controls

Sounds easy, right?

But unfortunately, that’s usually not the case. Anyone in Customer Service that has tried automating their Sales Order Processing before will back up that statement! But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean that it’s not worth the effort.

As Donald Kendall (former CEO of Pepsi) once said “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

This is why we invest so much into the Sales, Business Development, and Sales Engineering teams at Esker. It’s important to us that they work with companies one-on-one to find the formula of success for order processing automation for each unique Customer Service team. There’s not a ‘magic button’ to solve sales order processing challenges for every company, but I’m confident that by continuing to invest in the skills of our business development and industry experts, we’ll help solve real customer service problems, not be just another sales pitch.

Diana Eagen

Diana Eagen joined Esker in February 2012. As Sales Director, she has responsibility for sales and customer development for Esker US. Diana has 20 years of experience working for various software companies, and specializes in solving business problems utilizing cloud based, software-as-a-service solutions.

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