Improving Customer Satisfaction: Your Business Case for Order Processing Automation

improve-customer-service-order-processing-automationCustomer satisfaction is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to finding the source of dissatisfaction and figuring out ways to improve it. One of the biggest challenges we hear from customer service managers is bandwidth. More specifically, allocating enough time for the customer service team to help customers versus doing other tasks — such as data entry, searching for orders, filing documents, processing returns, and fielding order status questions.

The situation worsens when customer service managers face dissatisfied customers, but it doesn’t impact the c-suite enough for corrective strategies to be implemented. While it may not be apparent to the executive level yet, unhappy customers set the foundation for customer churn.

You need a solution that benefits your business while improving customer satisfaction, and order processing automation has grown to become one such solution.

Eliminate Inefficiency with Order Processing Automation

Using intelligent data capture technology, an electronic workflow and digital archiving, order processing automation has the capability to keep every order electronic — virtually eliminating all of the biggest challenges, including:

  • Staff dedicating much of their time to manual processes
  • Excess paper, transportation and physical archiving expenses
  • Trouble accurately capturing data from omni-channel orders
  • Low visibility and control over order processing
  • Limited analytics, reporting and audit trail capabilities
  • Difficulty managing customer claims in a quick, collaborative manner

In order to get executive buy-in for automation, it is increasingly becoming the responsibility of customer service managers to demonstrate how automation can not only modernize order processing for customer service teams, but translate into benefits for the entire organization.

Building a Business Case for Order Processing Automation

order-processing-automationBy building a well-thought-out and strategic business case for order processing automation, customer service managers will dramatically increase their chances of convincing the c-suite that the benefits of order processing automation are too important to take a back seat to other projects.

Ready to start the conversation with your team to help build your business case for order processing automation in your organization? Check out the white paper:
Building the Business Case for Order Processing Automation.

Kasey Schmitz

Kasey is a Senior Marketing Manager at Esker, and oversees Esker's lead generation, demand generation and database teams.

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