How to be “Winning” at your Sales Order Processing

Written by Jason Anderson.

I have a joint webinar with Sam Bayer of b2b2dot0 on August 15, entitled “Winning Automation Strategies for Optimizing Your Sales Order Processing Environment in SAP®.”  That is a pretty lengthy title for a webinar, but it’s succinctly describes what one of our joint customers was able to achieve through the partnership between Esker and b2b2dot0.

Automating Inbound Sales Orders

For almost a decade, Esker has helped companies automate inbound Sales Orders that are received via fax, email, EDI, etc. But what happens once that order is automatically entered into SAP, or any ERP for that matter?  The customer may receive an order acknowledgement or order confirmation from the vendor once the order is processed. But, when will that order ship?  How is the order being delivered?

Consumers don’t really care how the order gets entered into SAP, they just want their “stuff.” And, in nearly all cases, they want to know when they are getting their “stuff!”

Here are a few highlighted points that I have heard customers share regarding the value of automating Sales Order entry into their SAP system:

  • Their average order entry time went from 43 minutes to 11 seconds.
  • They saved $5 million dollars in labor over 3 years.
  • They achieved a 99.6% order accuracy rate.
  • They reduced their Days Sales Outstanding by 1 day.

Now, those numbers are just on the order entry side. But, what if customers could also:

  • Gain real time delivery information?
  • Change information about the order, quantities, and material numbers?
  • Have the ability to create new orders with immediate access into SAP?

Click here to read a recent blog that Sam posted that covers these features, but also the financial gains companies achieve with this b2b2dot0 platform.

Upcoming Sales Order Processing Webinar

This webinar will not only cover how business can efficiently get orders into their ERP system by using Esker’s Sales Order Processing solution, but it will cover how consumers can review the order status online without having to call a Customer Service Representative. So, putting two-and-two together… if the Customer Service Representative doesn’t have to enter in all of the order information by hand or consistently answer delivery time questions, their time is freed up to do more valued tasks.

How can you improve your order life-cycle process? View this free educational webinar and learn how automating fax and email orders in the cloud can improve efficiency, visibility and productivity within your customer service department.

Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson is a Business Development Manager at Esker and has been with the company for more than 10 years. In addition to being a Business Development Manager, he has served as a technical resource to Esker’s customers, partners and internal sales team. His primary focus has been helping customers gain greater return on their ERP investment through document process automation. Customers that Jason has worked with include Whirlpool, Mars, 3A Composites, LifeNet Health and Century Furniture.

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