How Much Paper is Used in One Day [Infographic]

How do you work to benefit and conserve our planet? Earth Day is that one day a year where we take 24 hours to honor our planet. Many people choose to plant a tree on Earth Day. Some even ride their bike for the entire day. Others will volunteer at their local roadside clean up. These are great efforts to help strength and conserve the Earth. Unfortunately, once those 24 hours of Earth Day have passed, there are another 8736 hours left in the year–and in those hours, many people may not give much thought as to how they are impacting the environment and sustainability of our planet.

Take the 8736 hour challenge! How can you work to improve your impact on the planet over the course of a full year? Consider the use of paper within your organization. In reducing the amount of paper a company or individual employee uses within their daily business-related tasks, companies are not only helping the planet, but they are also greatly lessening their internal operating costs by reducing the money spent on purchasing paper to print customer orders, paying for postage to mail paper invoices, maintaining hardware (printers and fax machines), and even the manual labor of employees that have to manage all of the paper. Learn more about how companies are quitting paper in this ebook.

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a visual into what the use of paper in the US looks like. Below is an infographic that demonstrates how much paper is used in the US in just one day. If this is what one day looks like–imagine what one year looks like… the whole 8726 hours.

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