Going Paperless in the Food and Beverage Industry

Feeling the pains of delayed order fulfillment trickling down your supply chain and into your cash collections?

There’s an exponential number of reasons your sales orders are getting bottlenecked: entry errors, paper shuffling, special instructions, duplicate orders, customers calling in with issues, lost documents, etc… The common denominator between them all is tied directly to manual, paper-based processes.

Manual processes not only create pains in logistical business aspects, they also hinder the overall visibility accessible to management. Manual and paper-based processes make it nearly impossible to consistently track and report business-critical processes like order processing. Visibility is especially significant in the food and beverage industry, as order errors often cannot be returned or resold and errors come at a high expense!

When leading bottled water manufacturer, Agua Mineral San Benedetto, was experiencing these pains throughout their customer service, accounts payable and accounts receivable departments, they turned to document process automation. Going paperless allowed San Benedetto to discover results such as:

  • Automating the 16,000 documents that were being manually processed per year.
  • Eliminated fax machines, printers and 46 physical sales order files.
  • Significantly reduced DSO.
  • Simplifying its multi-step AP invoice processing.
  • Accelerating overall processing speeds and improving document visibility for management.

By extending automation to all business document processes, Agua Mineral San Benedetto is close to reaching its goal of becoming the company of reference in the food and beverage industry for a paper-free environment, as well as one of the first companies in the world to have achieved 100% paperless operations. If you’re also looking to sharpen your competitive edge in the food and beverage industry, it’s time to consider going paperless. Here’s an eBook made just for you to help you get started!

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Colleen Reddy

As a Solutions Marketing Manager at Esker, Colleen understands exactly how the pains of manual processing and paper affect business professionals. Focusing on accounts payable, sales order processing and cloud faxing, Colleen brings tips and tricks on how to improve document processing and workflow in your company.

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