Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ of Esker’s Order Processing Automation Solution

Customer Service and Supply Chain leaders are rapidly realizing there are tremendous cost savings, productivity gains and positive customer experience effects to implementing an order processing automation solution. As with any investment, there’s also risks and up-front costs to get the project off the ground. How do you know the benefits will outweigh the costs and calculate ROI? How do you know you can trust those calculations?

Esker commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Esker’s Order Processing automation solution. The purpose of this study is to provide a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact and help organizations determine if an order management solution is a viable option.

To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with implementing an order processing solution, Forrester interviewed two existing customers currently using Esker. Prior to Esker, these customers relied on manual processes for entering orders received via fax and email. Orders took too long to enter, customer service representatives (CSRs) did not have enough time to do outbound customer service calls, and there was a general lack of visibility. Sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be that way. With Esker, users are able to highly automate the ordering process for fax and email orders as well as streamline phone and EDI orders; free up time to complete outbound customer service calls; and generally increase user satisfaction. Forrester’s financial analysis found that implementing an order processing automation can help organizations achieve benefits such as:

Order Processing Automation Solution

Are you interested in learning more about the breakdowns of these calculations as well as an overview of Esker’s order processing automation platform? Don’t miss the chance to register for the upcoming live webinar featuring Jonathan Lipsitz of Forrester Consulting and Steve Smith, Chief Operating Officer of Esker. Registration is limited – reserve now:Forrester's Total Economic Impact Study (1)


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