7 Reasons to Move Fax to the Cloud

Fax is annoying. We all know it. And what makes it even more annoying is that it’s needed. Fax is a necessary evil upon which many business functions rely. It’s the foundation to receive and send orders and other business critical documents. It’s what keeps the lights on.

However, with that necessity comes a significant amount of overhead and infrastructure costs and resources to maintain the fax infrastructure and fix it when it breaks — and it always seems to break. Not to mention the unreliability that often affects companies built to run on fax machines and fax servers …

We know we can’t ditch fax, so what can we do? Answer: Get it out of your hair and move it to the cloud. If you’re not convinced, here are 7 reasons which we’ll elaborate on more in an upcoming webinar on March 24.

Reason 1: Optimized IT Resources
Maintaining an infrastructure of fax machines and fax services is a big drain on IT resources that are already spread too thin. When you move your fax infrastructure to the cloud, you free up valuable IT resources to do more business-critical tasks.

Reason 2:   Cost Predictability
When you add up all the expenses of operating a fax server — both upfront and hidden — then end result can be jarring. From hardware and software licenses, to maintenance and upgrades and telco and telephony, the cost adds up quickly. Cloud fax services offers the predictability of pay-per-use pricing and fixed infrastructure costs along with the flexibility to accommodate your business’s growth and changing needs.

Reason 3: Infrastructure Integrity
Moving fax to the cloud can be a daunting decision — especially when there are unanswered questions about document security and business continuity. But this doesn’t need to be an issue if you do your homework. For example: Data transferred through Esker Cloud Fax Services is done via SSL, the same encryption used for banking transactions.

Reason 4: Long-Term Support
Document delivery is only one piece of the bigger puzzle that is the cash conversion cycle. Down the road, should a business wish to pursue automation beyond fax to support other document processes such as order processing and vendor invoicing, it can be accomplished without contrasting technology or costly separate components. Esker Cloud Fax Services can grow as your business needs grow.

Reason 5: International Network
Cloud fax services enable businesses to benefit from global fax capabilities at the lowest possible price via least-cost routing. This is functionality you can’t benefit from with fax servers or machines.

Reason 6: Real-Time Visibility
Cloud fax services offer real-time tracking and reporting, which is enabled throughout the entire sending and receiving process, with immediate fax status notifications and extensive reporting capabilities made available within the ERP and/or desktop system. Improved visibility not only saves time by preventing lost faxes, it gives users the self-service option to resend or fix failed faxes and allows managers to balance workloads and identify process bottlenecks before they start.

Reason 7: Seamless Integration
A lot can go wrong when trying to incorporate new fax solutions with old ERP and desktop applications, or vice versa. Cloud fax services simplify the transition. Not only is Esker’s technology flexible enough to work with virtually any business infrastructure, our workflow functions operate independently, enabling you to easily connect multiple applications to different subsidiaries or company departments.

To learn more about Esker Cloud Fax Services and real customer success stories, register to attend our live webinar on March 24 at 1:00 p.m. CT.

7 Reasons to Choose Esker for Cloud Fax Services

Kasey Schmitz

Kasey is a Senior Marketing Manager at Esker, and oversees Esker's lead generation, demand generation and database teams.

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