Timely Little Disconnects that Interrupt What Could Be a Seamless Process

CaptureEDI Bomb-Out! EDI Exception! EDI Workflow Error!

No matter what your company calls them — bomb-outs, exceptions, workflow errors — if there’s one segment or portion off in an EDI order, it will fail. Failure is not pretty and typically not fixable without IT intervention. Until you’re able to get your customer to update their data (good luck with that!) you’re stuck fixing the same exact problems over and over with each EDI order.

Incorrect pricing or promotional codes, invalid material numbers, and missing segments are just some of the errors that turn what should be seamless EDI order management into a tedious, time-consuming, and all-around inefficient process.

Our customers say the biggest impact that automation has on their customer service teams are:

  • Wasted time. Dealing with EDI exceptions requires human intervention. Every workflow stoppage represents lost value to your business and a potential reason for your CSRs to seek more fulfilling work elsewhere.
  • Limited visibility. In a traditional operation, EDI orders are processed independently from other orders, making it difficult for customer service representatives (CSRs) to locate orders that are stuck in the workflow.
  • Lack of autonomy. The complexity of EDI means that CSRs are often dependent on the IT team to decipher orders and help fix exceptions. This not only slows down the supply chain, it takes control out of the CSR team’s hands.

We know that EDI exceptions are common. Instead of replacing existing systems and staff members an automated order management solution is a way to complement your current environment by filling  the manual gaps. Order management solutions help alleviate pesky errors responsible for slowing down your entire supply chain.

Don’t rely on your customers to update their data or your IT resources to manually fix each bomb-out” — take control with an automated solution. Fix it once and move on!

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Colleen Reddy

As a Solutions Marketing Manager at Esker, Colleen understands exactly how the pains of manual processing and paper affect business professionals. Focusing on accounts payable, sales order processing and cloud faxing, Colleen brings tips and tricks on how to improve document processing and workflow in your company.

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