Using Document Automation to Help CSRs Stay Young!

document automationSaying that document automation helps customer service reps (CSRs) stay young may sound a little comical, but isn’t it just a little bit true? Let’s talk about how document automation helps to keep CSRs relevant and useful at work. Automation software removes the manual tasks that slow people down, make work a real chore and drown quality employees in a sea of monotony. Document automation gives every employer the ability to re-purpose employees to more valuable tasks. Saving their morale and the boss’ money. Instead of having your college, in many cases MBA-level, educated employees manually entering sales orders, they are now quickly validating electronically captured information which frees-up their time to actually serve customers, take on more meaningful tasks and leave their personal hand print on their real work. Those employees last longer and perform better for the long haul.

  • Free Up Team Member Time and Energy For More Attentive Customer Service
    When CSRs are entering data they aren’t with customers. After making a sale, they are spending too much time on paperwork when they could be moving on to another sale or servicing another customer. This changes the frame of mind for everyone on your sales team. Without the dreaded pile of forms following each sale, there’s no more urgency to get to their desk to wrap it up and more time to really invest in the client. Some clients take longer than others, but that extra time can mean a long-term client for years to come.
  • More Meaningful Tasks
    Get the most for your payroll by freeing up employees time through document automation. When sales and clients are not up for grabs, assign every employee to backup tasks to ensure their time is always well-spent and not wasted on manual paperwork or waiting around for the next sale. Bringing in new clients, analyze data, marketing for your firm and teaming up with co-workers to brainstorm on various projects is a much better use of everyone’s time.
  • Leaving a Personal Mark in the Workplace
    Every employee has hidden talents. A good employer taps into resources wherever they may be. Document automation provides the time, while you, the employer provides the resources and free reign to let your staff use their neglected skills in ways that will benefit the company. People love sharing their passions that they normally only explore outside of the workplace. A forum to be acknowledged and paid is its own motivation.

Address workforce fears by explaining that it is their time being saved and used elsewhere. Concern that automation will replace workers can cause unrest and slow cooperation. Discuss your goals and motives up-front, so that everyone is headed in the same direction as a team. This is the way to get the best out of every employee, every day.  Automating your core business processes equals progression. Check out our website to learn more about the benefits of automation.

Ari Widlansky

Ari Widlansky has over 10 years of experience working in various positions in the areas of Sales, Business Development, and Channel Management within the technology sector. Ari has worked with fortune 500 organizations, government agencies, and universities to deliver hundreds of SaaS and on-premise technology solutions. While with Esker for the last three years, Ari has worked with customers to gain greater returns on their ERP investment while decreasing their overall cost within the order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes.

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