5 Reasons to Ditch Your Fax Machine for Desktop Cloud Faxing


Ah, yes … the New Year.

That wonderful time when we can’t help but look back on all the grandiose things we planned on accomplishing the year before but completely, shamefully, 100% did not.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise. Most resolutions fail because they weren’t realistic to begin with. I mean, seriously, did you really think you could go 12 months without consuming a single carb?

The trick is choosing something ambitious yet achievable, practical yet impactful.

For today’s businesses, making a resolution for improvement can be as easy replacing an underperforming piece of office equipment that only seems to make life harder year after year.

I’m looking at you, fax machines.

5 Reasons Desktop Cloud Faxing > Fax Machines

Ensuring continued business success in the coming year doesn’t have to involve grand strategies or huge transformational changes. If there’s an easily identified problem and a proven solution, why not fix it?

Faxing hasn’t gone away, but that doesn’t mean you should have to deal with an expensive, unreliable and inefficient fax machine another 365 days — especially when desktop cloud faxing alternatives are readily available.

What makes desktop cloud faxing a slam dunk as a replacement to fax machines?

  1. The setup is painless.
    Traditional fax hardware is associated with prohibitive setup charges and other ongoing equipment costs. Because desktop faxing is 100% on-demand, no additional hardware or software investment is required for installation, and technical support is provided without being on the hook for annual maintenance charges. Happy New Year, indeed.
  2. It’s incredibly reliable.
    Downtime due to hardware failure. It’s one of the all-to-common side effects of traditional fax machines. Desktop cloud faxing prevents this type of mind-numbing, money-wasting downtime thanks to the use of secure protocol (SSL) and high-availability cluster technology.
  3. It’s super easy to use.
    Desktop cloud faxing solutions essentially transform your computer into a highly convenient and ultra-efficient fax solution. Whether working from your desktop, ERP, CRM or any other business application, any fax can be sent in just a few clicks. No more paper. No more ink and toner. No more troubleshooting at the fax machine.
  4. The pricing is predictable.
    Telephony costs, modems, fax lines, upgrades — when you consider everything that goes into operating a fax machine, it adds up quickly. Desktop cloud faxing eliminates these extra expenses thanks to a predictable pay-per-use pricing model. In other words, you only pay for the amount of service you use.
  5. Documents can be tracked in real time.
    Did the fax go through? Was it actually received? Don’t saddle yourself with these anxieties in 2016 if you don’t have to. Desktop cloud faxing offers real-time tracking capabilities so that you can instantly monitor fax statuses at your convenience and at any stage of the process.

This New Year, if you really want to make a resolution to improve business performance, you don’t have to brainstorm any big, crazy, bold ideas … just think desktop cloud faxing. It’s a proven alternative to fax machines that will make your life — and your whole year — a lot more enjoyable.

To learn about Esker’s desktop cloud faxing solutions, check out our eBook, 7 Reasons to Choose Esker for Cloud Fax Services.


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