6 Benefits of Change Management in AP Automation Projects


Have an accounts payable automation project coming up? Do you know how you’re going to manage change?

Organizations today are constantly swarmed with new technologies and regulations that cause a great amount of change in the way they do business. Change management helps those organizations smooth the transition.

As a financial professional, you understand how implementing a new technology such as accounts payable automation can cause chaos and fear company-wide. So, it’s very easy for you to understand the importance of managing change. What’s possibly even more important, is making sure your solution provider understands the importance of change management.

6 Common Outcomes to Expect from Effective Change Management

With an Accounts Payable Automation project, you are fundamentally changing the way people (especially AP Clerks and AP Managers) work. Devising a comprehensive plan for change management during implementation is the key to project success; and the best outcomes are achieved when change comes from within. That means participation by everyone impacted, from executives and managers to supervisors and front-line employees.

Working with your solution provider to help effectively manage change, you can expect the following outcomes:

  1. Increased likelihood of project success
  2. Improved morale of employees affected by the project
  3. Greater chance for project to be within budget
  4. Greater chance for project to finish within timeframe
  5. Less stress before, during and after project
  6. Increased project legitimacy

Overall, effective change management can only be fully realized via the actions taken within your organization. Fortunately, Esker has the experience, certified experts and proven methodology to assist you in the process, and help create a strong foundation for your change management strategy.

Learn more about change management and check out our eBook: Why We Love Change Management (And You Should, Too!)

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