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Surprise! Automation Does That.

automation benefitsI’ve always been one to love surprises. I’m great at planning them, but, unfortunately, even better at ruining them — so who better to talk about the surprise benefits of automation?! Read more

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Think You’ve Got Your Order Management Under Control? Think Again.

order management

A few months back a client asked if we could review their order entry process. They didn’t really think there was much room for order entry improvement, but had a mandate to improve the customer experience and decrease operating costs. Read more

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Boosting Department Cheer in Time For the New Year

Boosting Department Cheer


Somehow, another year has flashed by … An entire year! Maybe I say this after every year, but where did the time go?! After 365 days, you’d think I would feel a little more accomplished — but all I can think about is what more I could have done. Read more

Supply Chain Leaders Feel the Heat After the Election

Colourful overlapping silhouettes of people voting. EPS10 file, best in RGB, CS5 versions in zip

On the morning of the election I listened as Stephen Meyer from Gartner shared findings from a 2016 survey with supply chain officers across the medical device industry.

Stephen explained the mean cost reduction goal of 3.6% across the enterprise was only met with a mean achievement rate of 3.4%, yet the largest share of the survey participants expected a significantly higher spike in cost containment goals this year.  The survey reported that only 9% of supply chain folks exceeded their cost reduction goals in recent years. Read more

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Order Management’s Pivotal Role in an Evolving Business Landscape

Evolving Business Landscape

The pressures of today’s global economy have forced supply chain functions to play a more direct and strategic role in reducing costs, improving the customer experience, and driving added value throughout the organization. Naturally, supply chain leaders now have a significantly higher rate of interest and involvement in order management initiatives. Read more

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Avoiding Unexpected Results: How to Vet an Automation Solution Provider


Automation Solution Provider

It’s been a year of upsets, from the World Series (Go Cubs!) to the presidential election. With variables like skill level and weather, to social media and poll attendance playing their part in the outcomes, choosing (or predicting) the winner requires risk and a little luck. Read more

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Kicking & Screaming: What to Do When Your Staff is Crying Out for Help

Manual CS Environment

Temper tantrums aren’t pretty, but they happen for a reason — it’s how children express their frustrations, a cry for help. Even during adulthood though, there are times when we need the aid of others, but what happens when it’s your employees crying for help with your manual business process?

At EAUC 2016, Adrian Posteraro presented his breakout session: Overcoming the Negative Business Impact of a Manual CS Environment, based on his personal experience with automation at MEDRAD, Inc. Dissatisfied, burned-out employees begged for a solution that could streamline, and reduce stress tied to, their manual document process. Read more

Timely Little Disconnects that Interrupt What Could Be a Seamless Process

CaptureEDI Bomb-Out! EDI Exception! EDI Workflow Error!

No matter what your company calls them — bomb-outs, exceptions, workflow errors — if there’s one segment or portion off in an EDI order, it will fail. Failure is not pretty and typically not fixable without IT intervention. Until you’re able to get your customer to update their data (good luck with that!) you’re stuck fixing the same exact problems over and over with each EDI order. Read more

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Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ of Esker’s Order Processing Automation Solution

Customer Service and Supply Chain leaders are rapidly realizing there are tremendous cost savings, productivity gains and positive customer experience effects to implementing an order processing automation solution. As with any investment, there’s also risks and up-front costs to get the project off the ground. How do you know the benefits will outweigh the costs and calculate ROI? How do you know you can trust those calculations?

Esker commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Esker’s Order Processing automation solution. The purpose of this study is to provide a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact and help organizations determine if an order management solution is a viable option. Read more

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What a Turkey on Whole Wheat Taught Me About Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Today at lunch I stopped at one of the many sub shops that line the busy streets of my fair city.  Observation: We all have a choice on where we can get a sandwich. It’s painfully obvious there is no shortage of places to get a turkey on whole wheat with assorted veggies and dressings. Long story short, I went to pay and the manager was just finishing up inventory so the POS system was down and I had to wait. No big deal. I waited two minutes and in that time three people apologized to me for having to wait. Once the system came back online the woman at the register rang up my meal, and then said, “This one’s on me.” And it really was on her. From what I gathered, employees get one free sandwich per day for personal consumption and she spent hers on me. Read more

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