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Surprise! Automation Does That.

automation benefitsI’ve always been one to love surprises. I’m great at planning them, but, unfortunately, even better at ruining them — so who better to talk about the surprise benefits of automation?! Read more

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The Night of the Faxing Dead

cloud fax

Halloween is a great holiday to celebrate the undead, but that’s no way to run a 21st century business.

Didn’t fax machines go out about the same time as typewriters, rotary dial telephones and the dodo bird? Actually, faxing itself is not dead or even dying. It’s the old school fax modem that needs to remain buried. According to The Houston Chronicle, business still sends 100 billion pages of faxes a year. Read more

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What Can Your Company Gain by Quitting Paper and Manual Processes?

I listened to Customer Service Director Adrian Posteraro present how MEDRAD, Inc. won the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award in both 2003 and 2010. This prestigious award is the highest level of national recognition for performance excellence in the U.S. and the only formal recognition of both public and private U.S. organizations performance excellence given by the President of the United States.

Investments in people, process and technology (specifically for order processing) led MEDRAD to a 7.5% increase in customer satisfaction and enabled a 16% growth in revenue. What makes customer satisfactions just as important as revenue growth? Gartner predicts that customer experience is often the main determinant in which company wins a deal. Read more

Supporting Your Business Processes with SAP Certification

SAP®, or ‘Systems Applications and Products’, was founded in 1972 and has risen to become the fourth largest software company in the world.

In fact, 63% of worldwide financial transactions are processed through SAP software at one point or another.

Why so popular? SAP is a leader when it comes to integrated ERP software, providing industry-specific add-on solutions for accounting, logistics, human resources, technology, and more. Today, 80% of Fortune 500 companies use at least one SAP application.

The Lowdown on SAP Certification

With a plethora of SAP development modules, it is becoming increasingly important for companies and staff careers to gain SAP certification.

For staff, demand for SAP expertise improves job prospects on a global scale. For businesses, SAP certification of additional modules is ever-important to the platform’s functional performance and efficiency. Read more

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Seven Zen Habits of Terminal Emulation

terminal emulation

Recently I started meditating and began to think of how old the practice is. How does it work? Would I really feel better after? Would it reduce my stress? Could I really change habits? And then I began to think of terminal emulation and how it has been around as long as some Eastern medicine practices — well, almost as long, and it too provides many benefits — but most importantly, terminal emulation is simple and it works! Read more

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Terminal Emulation Software Is Still Important

Once upon a time, text terminals were the state of the art for communicating with computers. They were far more convenient than ancient technologies like paper tape and punch cards. Today, hardly anyone makes terminals any more, yet the technology is far from dead. Every major operating system offers one or more terminal emulator applications, letting users type in command lines and get back text responses.

System administrators use terminal emulation a lot; there are some things they can’t do any other way. Software developers like the command line interface because it lets them get closer to the underlying system software. Many computer geeks consider the ability to use the terminal fluently a minimum requirement for admission into their circles. Read more

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5 Ways Cloud Computing Improves Business


Cloud computing is a concept that has gained a lot of traction in the last several years. Simply put, it refers to the ability to store and access information over the Internet rather than a hard drive.  It may seem like a straightforward concept, but cloud computing is revolutionizing the way businesses function.  In particular, small and medium-sized businesses are using cloud computing to take away the burden of having to buy, execute, and manage the intricacies of an IT infrastructure. Those businesses that take advantage of cloud computing become more competitive by focusing on what they do best.  So how can cloud computing impact and improve your business?

Cost Savings Read more

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SaaS: Fad or Forever?

SaaS Software as a SolutionRemember those black tattoo choker necklaces everyone wore for months straight. Admittedly not one of the best fashion decisions, and it was a fad I would prefer to forget.

But at least it was inexpensive and you had the choice to stop wearing it whenever you pleased. Businesses, on the other hand, have immense pressure on them to ensure that every new solution implemented is one that will last much longer than my necklace did. Read more

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7 Reasons to Move Fax to the Cloud

Fax is annoying. We all know it. And what makes it even more annoying is that it’s needed. Fax is a necessary evil upon which many business functions rely. It’s the foundation to receive and send orders and other business critical documents. It’s what keeps the lights on.

However, with that necessity comes a significant amount of overhead and infrastructure costs and resources to maintain the fax infrastructure and fix it when it breaks — and it always seems to break. Not to mention the unreliability that often affects companies built to run on fax machines and fax servers …

We know we can’t ditch fax, so what can we do? Answer: Get it out of your hair and move it to the cloud. If you’re not convinced, here are 7 reasons which we’ll elaborate on more in an upcoming webinar on March 24. Read more

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How to Keep Up in the World of Document Automation

document automation how to keep up with the evolving market

It’s a small world after all. And in today’s economy, it’s becoming even smaller. Businesses are expected to move faster than ever before, be available 24/7 and deliver instant gratification. These might sound like fairly generic statements, but every business process from sales, purchasing, invoicing, and supply chain is feeling the pressure to meet those expectations.

The need is clear — businesses are looking for ways to speed up their processes while always making things more efficient. This includes speeding up the review and approval workflows of invoice and requisition processing, as well as improved efficiency in the purchase-to-pay cycle. The payment experts at recognized this need stating “The mobile device is now a mainstay for many professionals, but for higher-level executives, the smartphone can often be a lifeline.” Read more

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