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We Moved to a New Office: 7 Ways to Create a Productive Work Environment

IMG_3785Here at Esker, we specialize in helping other companies become more productive with their workflow. However, we’ve spent the last few months thinking about how our own team members can increase productivity. And to start the new year right, we just moved to our new office. Here are several exciting work space features that will enhance our team members’ health and productivity during 2017: Read more

Office Productivity Trends for 2017: Moving Away from Paper-Based Systems

office productivity trends

The reliance on paper has a long road in the world of business, and it’s one that hasn’t completely ended. You’re perhaps one of those businesses still relying on paper to process your finances, and it’s undoubtedly led to significant problems. If you’ve had incidents of losing important documents, or far too many mistakes and financial discrepancies, it’s time for a change. Read more

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Surprise! Automation Does That.

automation benefitsI’ve always been one to love surprises. I’m great at planning them, but, unfortunately, even better at ruining them — so who better to talk about the surprise benefits of automation?! Read more

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You’re Trying to Manage What With Your Email System?

automated business process


That’s how many messages currently reside in my inbox at the start of this blog. I am not ashamed nor proud of this stat, but it’s a fact. I’m envious of those that can manage their mailbox like it’s a task or to-do list but, as much as I’ve tried, this simply hasn’t worked for me for a variety of reasons. And I know I’m not alone in this. Read more

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Does Your COO Know How to Grow Business & Productivity?


For today’s businesses, achieving operational excellence is a top priority to remain competitive and agile — but it’s often easier said than done. The struggle to maximize productivity and increase customer experience ratings, even when business is hectic and growing, is real. Which is why companies turn to document processing automation when any of the following scenarios occur: Read more

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Boosting Department Cheer in Time For the New Year

Boosting Department Cheer


Somehow, another year has flashed by … An entire year! Maybe I say this after every year, but where did the time go?! After 365 days, you’d think I would feel a little more accomplished — but all I can think about is what more I could have done. Read more

How Listening to Bob Dylan Might Just Make Your Business More Agile

agile businessAs you may have heard, Bob Dylan recently received a Nobel Prize in Literature for, as the Nobel Committee put it, “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”

He is the first musician to ever receive the prestigious honor. Read more

Using Document Automation to Help CSRs Stay Young!

document automation Read more

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Breaking Bad … Habits

document process automation platformsWe are in an age where you don’t have to turn to a life of crime in order to stop the madness of paper pushers in your organization!

Now, I do not watch this popular series, where the protagonist actually becomes the antagonist, but I have seen the benefits an organization achieves when turning away from paper pushers. You know the type, they use enough printed paper to start their own book. Read more

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Employee Under-Utilization When Not Using Automation: Eliminating Manual Tasks

You may value your employees every day, though how much added work are they doing that under-utilizes their potential? When time management is everything in making their roles successful to reach your goals, you may not realize how much unnecessary work they’re doing.

With international reports showing 85% of workers think they have underutilized skills, you can see how widespread this problem is. Some of this hinges on sticking with paper-based systems and maintaining manual data entry. Entering data manually is simply too slow and prone to error. Read more