Business Mail Services: More Efficient Than Santa’s Workshop

business-mail-servicesIn the holiday movie Elf, Will Ferrell’s character Buddy the Elf instantly fell in love with the mail room at his Dad’s publishing company because it reminded him of Santa’s workshop (“Except it smells like mushrooms and everyone looks like they want to hurt me”). However, after spending a little time there, he quickly realized that it isn’t as merry and magical as he first thought.

Similarly, business professionals are well aware that internal mail houses can prove to be expensive, inefficient and unable to handle high-volume jobs during peak times.

Unfortunately, sending mail is still a necessary evil for most companies. Despite the push for electronic document processing, many customers still prefer physical mail when receiving important documents such as invoices. It can be difficult for businesses to find a balance between the desire for paperless documentation and customers’ wishes to continue to receive physical documents. This conundrum often forces organizations to work with external mail houses or spend large amounts of time and money handling internal mail rooms.

Faced with the challenges traditional mail options present, many businesses are choosing to outsource mailing operations via a hosted automation service. Business mail services allow them to take advantage of electronic processing, while the customer still gets the paper document they desire. Documents are mailed directly from their ERP, desktop or other business applications, making it 100% electronic for the sender.

business-mail-services7 Benefits of Business Mail Services

  1. Cost savings
    The cost of in-house mailrooms can be staggering. Expenses for equipment leasing and purchase, maintenance, supplies, and labor increase year after year. Business mail services reduce those costs up to 45% while utilizing a pay-per-use billing mode.
  2. Fast, continuous service
    With business mail services, documents are processed faster and with fewer errors. Without the need for manual intervention, mail can be delivered to local and international postal mail services in less than 24 hours. The faster invoices are sent, the faster payments are received, accelerating the business cycle.
  3. Error elimination
    Documents are processed automatically, minimizing human errors and protecting document security. Say goodbye to duplicate mailings, documents stuffed into the wrong envelopes and lost invoices. Real-time tracking and reporting are also available with business mail services, offering visibility into document validation, live status updates and tracking of jobs and documents.
  4. No volume restraints
    Unlike internal mailrooms, business mail services are capable of handling peaks in mail volume. Designed for quick reaction times and streamlined workload management, mailings are sent when you want and without delays.
  5. Higher productivity
    Sending business mail as a service offers greater flexibility for staff who are no longer required to spend time manually processing mail. Now, they have the ability to focus on more value-added tasks.
  6. Safe & secure archiving
    Sent documents can be archived in a secure infrastructure for easy accessibility. Archived documents are always available, and there’s no need to waste time hunting through a file cabinet to retrieve them.
  7. Seamless integration
    Business mail services integrates seamlessly with existing ERP, desktop or business applications. Documents are mailed directly from the ERP without any hardware or software and can be tracked as the job is completed. Status notifications make it easy to know where mail is at all times.

Want to learn more? Check out our cool infographic below to learn how your company can benefit from choosing a business mail service over a traditional mail option. You will be in love and you won’t care who knows it!

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