Surprise! Automation Does That.

automation benefitsI’ve always been one to love surprises. I’m great at planning them, but, unfortunately, even better at ruining them — so who better to talk about the surprise benefits of automation?!

At its core, document process automation is designed to provide companies with a better, more efficient way of managing their business operations. That core objective is made possible by layers of benefits.

Some of those benefits may surprise you.

5 Surprising Automation Benefits

  • A more collaborative staff: An efficient team is one thing, but a collaborative team is a-whole-nother. Working from one shared platform, employees are empowered to come together as a team — sharing knowledge, pushing each other to do their best, and working towards a shared goal of success.
  • Savvy sustainability: In an electronic workflow, everything is just that: electronic. No paper, no printers, ink, fax machine, or other costly equipment needed. That means no longer having to rely on all those things being available in order to execute your process. Score! In my book, and many others, that’s a huge plus. The less materials you rely on to get a job done, the faster and more efficient the job.
  • Higher level of accountability: With complete process visibility, staff are held accountable for their activities, or lack thereof. Visibility into your process is one thing. Don’t get me wrong, being able to see how many documents have been processed during a given time, what is awaiting approval, etc. is invaluable, but drilling down those metrics to a person-by-person basis is a game changer. You’ll discover who may need more training to keep the process efficient and on track.
  • Compliance and security: Automation isn’t all about getting documents from one place to another. Okay, that is a big part of it, but the documents being processed need to be protected. An important part of any electronic workflow is compliance with industry regulations and data security — saving your company from the headache of a security breach (and allowing you to sleep a little easier at night).
  • Quality customer relationships: When you improve your process, people take note — including customers. An improved process for you is an improved process for them, which every company can capitalize on to further build, and improve, customer relationships. Happy customers are just one way to keep an edge over competition.

Automating a business process brings a lot to the table for businesses of all sizes. Listen to what our friends over at ASSA ABLOY have been able to achieve by automating their sales order process:

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