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Posts by Moses Altsech

Without a Paddle: When Data-Driven Decisions Are a Bad Idea! [Guest Post]

Taking the bull by the horns sounds like a brave, bold, decisive idea (or a good way to get your money’s worth out of your health insurance), but no one even thinks about ways to manage a bull unless they see one first. Yet, problems you can’t see are the most dangerous kind.

The fact that making data-driven decisions is smart and good for business is something pretty much everyone takes for granted: When the data lands on our desk we don’t even think about any drawbacks involved in making data-driven decisions; instead we turn our focus to what the data tells us and take confident, data-driven action. It’s much like listing something as a strength when you do a SWOT analysis in a strategic planning session: Once we’ve put “We take great care of our customers” in the Strengths column, we stop worrying about it and focus on problem areas instead. And more often than not, it’s a big mistake — because the quality of our data invariably affects the quality of the decisions we make. Read more