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The Big Reveal Part 3: The Payoff-Finally!”

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Ok, Ok, I know I have drug this out long enough and many of you are just dying for me to put all the pieces together. So on to the big payoff! As you may have already guessed, the theme running throughout the last three blog posts is “change”. Some “change” can be quick, sudden, and shocking-like the regeneration in The Caves of Androzani or me changing the walls in my office—while other “change” can be slow, calculating, and methodical—like a caterpillar changing to a butterfly. Regardless of whether “change” comes quickly or slowly, it can be scary, and as a result businesses (possibly yours) are slow to embrace it. They like the old, comfortable, and familiar and are reluctant to make the change even though they know they must embrace it. However, once tcompanies make the “change,” they love it. A complete metamorphosis occurs and they say to themselves, “Hey, this is great! I wish we had done this sooner!”

So what is stopping your business from making the switch from that old on-premise solution to a new customized Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted solution? Chances are you have already done all your homework, read all the industry journals, obtained recommendations, and made a list of advantages and disadvantages. But you still haven’t made the change because in the column of disadvantages, you have one item that (in your mind) trumps all the advantages—data security!

The “Poor Data Security” Myth

So, you believe that SaaS providers just can’t protect your data. This one item doesn’t just have you scared… It has you down right terrified (especially if your business is in the health care industry) because literally every-other-month you are hearing in the news about another data breach. Well, my friends, it is time to make that change, because when it comes to data security, Esker has everything in place to alleviate your company’s fears. Read more

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The Big Reveal Part 2: “Don’t you like the Packers anymore?”

Blog from Esker’s General Counsel. Learn more about Kevin Kneiss.

Now, part two (click here to read part one)—the walls in my office. I love the walls of my office. I recently redecorated them. At the time I did it, I didn’t think any of my coworkers would notice the change. After all, why should they care, it’s my office. For many years various Green Bay Packer, Wisconsin Badger, and Milwaukee Brewer pennants and paraphernalia gloriously adorned the walls of my office. I made no effort to hide how big a Wisconsin sports fan I was. But late last year, I made a change. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the greatest science fiction television show ever made—Doctor Who—I took down all the sports memorabilia and replaced it with new and vintage Doctor Who posters, calendars, and knick-knacks. I absolutely loved the change, so much so that l decided to keep everything up long after the 50th anniversary year was over.

Dealing with Change

Much to my amazement, the change was hard on my coworkers. Being ardent Wisconsin sports fans, many of my coworkers greatly disliked the change. For weeks I endured their wrath. Comments like: “Why did you change your walls, don’t you like the Packers anymore now that Aaron Rodgers is hurt?” “You’re a pathetic fair-weather Packer fan!” “What, are you a Bears fan now?” “Aren’t the Brewers good enough for you anymore?” “So, you are getting on the Doctor Who bandwagon, now?” were common, even if they were “just joking.” I was initially perplexed by their reactions but then it hit me, at the end of the day people really dislike change. After all, we are all creatures of habit. We love things that are known to us, that are comfortable, the status quo. Dramatically changing everything in my office after so many years was just too much for some of my coworkers.

So have you figured out what my “theme” over the past two blog posts has been and how it relates to your business and Esker? Yes? No? Well my friends I will finally connect all the dots in my next post (I promise). So stay tuned. Same Bat Time! Same Bat Channel!

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The Big Reveal Part 1: “The Caves of Androzani”

Blog from Esker’s General Counsel. Learn more about Kevin Kneiss.

Photo Credit to Coventry Telegraph (

The handsome Doctor. Photo Credit to Coventry Telegraph (

So have you guessed where the quote in my last blog entry came from and what that quote and the walls in my office have to do with your business and Esker? No? Well it’s time for the big reveal! Let’s dissect it in parts shall we. First, the quote. The quote comes from a wonderful British television series called Doctor Who, which celebrated its 50th Anniversary last year. The famous episode is entitled The Caves of Androzani (considered by many “Whovians” to be the best episode made in the shows illustrious history).

In Doctor Who, the lead character known as “the Doctor” has the ability to regenerate when his body has been gravely injured. At the very end of the above-mentioned episode, the Doctor lies dying on the floor of his spaceship called the Tardis. He has sacrificed his life for that of his new traveling companion by giving her the only remaining antidote to the poison they were accidentally exposed to. One moment he is this handsome, mild-mannered young man with straight blond hair and then in the blink of an eye he regenerates and changes into a boisterous, curly brown haired ego maniac. At first the companion is in shock. She says, “What’s happened?” To which the new Doctor responds, “Change my dear, and it seems not a moment too soon!” But after several adventures with this “changed” man, she begins to trust him. [youtube]

Yet Another Cliff-Hanger

So what does this have to do with anything you ask (other than the fact I have a strange obsession with a very old British television show)? Stay tuned. There is more yet to come. Trust me, the payoff will be fantastic!

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“The Trouble with Attorneys”

Blog from Esker’s General Counsel. Learn more about Kevin Kneiss.

attorney - hipaa - gavel - eskerSo here I am. Sitting at my desk. Eyes focusing intently on the HIPAA policy on my computer screen that I was reviewing as part of Esker’s annual HIPAA Compliance Review, when Esker’s Director of Marketing suddenly appeared in my doorway. My eyes don’t leave my screen. “We are looking for blog content and someone suggested you might be a good source,” he anxiously stated. “Personal opinions on stuff that relate to our business, around 500 words” Then, like a flash of lightening, he was gone. Everything happened so quickly, but in that brief second, I think I agreed to write a piece for the Esker Blog. Read more

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