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Esker Sales Activity Exceeds 23% in Q4 2015


Record Quarter Fueled By Growth in Cloud-Based Solutions

Esker Q4 2015 sales revenue amounted to 16.1 million euros, a 23% increase over Q4 2014 (+10% based on a constant exchange rate and like-for-like [LFL] growth). These positive results can be largely contributed to the growth of Esker’s cloud-based platform, the increased value of the U.S. dollar, and the acquisitions of CalvaEDI and TermSync.

Sales revenue for 2015 totaled 58.5 million euros, up 27% over 2014 (+13% excluding acquisitions and using constant exchange rates).

Esker has once again experienced its most successful quarter and year in company history.

Read the full press release.

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Top Blog Articles in 2015 — The Esker Blog

It’s that time of year again where we share the top blog articles published on The Esker Blog in 2015! From news articles to analyst report highlights to helpful tips and tricks, we enjoy sharing our industry knowledge around document process automation with you.

Thank you for being a loyal reader to The Esker Blog!

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Esker’s 2015 Highlights — A Year to Remember!


Wow, what a year! Thanks to Esker customers and partners, 2015 was a huge success! Check out some of the highlights that made 2015 a year to remember.

2 Stellar Acquisitions

Helping B2B companies bring a customer-centric approach to the post-sale relationship, TermSync’s cloud-based platform connects over 400,000 businesses, streamlining processes for both vendors and their business customers.

The leading French company specializing in computer-based communications in the EDI Transport and Logistics sector.

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Mobile Invoice Approval — Perfect for the CFO on the Go


It’s not the CFO or department managers’ job to approve invoices — but they all have to do it.

And, as many accounts payable (AP) professionals will tell you, getting busy managers to approve invoices is one of the largest bottlenecks in the AP invoicing process.

It’s hardly uncommon for CFOs and department managers to work from a location outside of the office. And being away from the desk means being away from any paper invoices sitting idly while waiting to be approved.

Many organization have already addressed part of the problem by investing in an AP automation solution — taking the paper out of the process so that invoices can be verified, routed for approval and processed electronically.

But now … invoice approval just got even easier with mobile invoice approval applications.

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How P2P Automation Improves Supplier Relationships

p2p-automation-supplier-relationshipsIt’s no secret – relationships take work. And relationships with your suppliers are no different.

Just as you spend time developing, nurturing and improving the relationships you have with customers, having healthy supplier relationships can be just as beneficial.

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5 Reasons Not to Be Afraid of Accounts Receivable Automation

accounts-receivable-automationPeople are afraid of a lot of strange things:

  • Deipnophobia: The fear of dinner conversions.
    The holidays must be exceptionally rough…
  • Genuphobia: The fear of knees.
    Do these people all reside in Alaska or something?
  • Hippopotomonstoroseseuippedaliophobia: The fear of long words.
    Yes, really. I can’t make this stuff up.

One phobia remains unnamed: the fear of accounts receivable automation. Yet, companies are also afraid to make the move from manually processing customer invoices to an automated solution.

Before we go any farther, let’s make sure we’re on the same page…

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Thanksgiving Recipes From Esker Staff

thanksgiving-recipesTurkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing, oh my!

Thanksgiving is here again — the perfect time to get together with family, friends and loved ones and celebrate our gratitude for one another.

…And what better way to celebrate than to stuff our faces with delicious food?!

This year, Esker wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving with you by sharing some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

We hope you enjoy, and have a safe and happy holiday!

Thanksgiving Recipes From Esker Staff

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5 Accounts Payable KPIs Worth Tracking


Click on the images to download Esker’s new eBook, 5 Accounts Payable KPIs Worth Tracking: How to Maximize Results with Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards

Is your accounts payable (AP) department being tasked to better monitor, track and improve key performance indicators (KPIs)?

Then you’re well aware that it can be a daunting task. Why? There are an infinite number of KPIs that you could track to measure AP performance. Deciding which accounts payable KPIs to track depends on your organization’s and department’s goals. However, these KPIs are a great place to start!

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Highlights from PayStream Advisors’ Invoice Workflow Automation Report

“A fundamental challenge for the Accounts Payable (AP) professional is managing the lifecycle of supplier invoices in a way that is both secure enough to ensure compliance and fast enough to increase savings and promote good supplier relationships.”

paystream-invoice-workflow-automationAs PayStream Advisors wrote in their 2015 Invoice Workflow Automation Report, manual invoice processing rarely allows companies to achieve these goals. In fact, they often impede invoice workflow with:

  • High invoice processing costs and error rates
  • Duplicate or late payments
  • Lost invoices
  • Long reconciliation and payment cycles
  • Inaccurate or lengthy closings
  • Strained supplier relationships

So it comes as no surprise that companies are trading in their manual processes for invoice workflow automation (IWA) solutions; allowing for reduced processing times and costs, as well as increased ability to capture early payment discounts and reallocate AP staff to more strategic roles.

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3 Trends in Document Process Automation

document-process-automation-trendsTechnologies surrounding document process automation are a-changin’.

With the growing popularity of document process automation solutions for processes like accounts payable (AP), order processing, and cloud faxing, business professionals are flooded with different solutions, technologies and options.

So, how can you keep up with the latest trends in document process automation?

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