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Surprise! Automation Does That.

automation benefitsI’ve always been one to love surprises. I’m great at planning them, but, unfortunately, even better at ruining them — so who better to talk about the surprise benefits of automation?! Read more

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Boosting Department Cheer in Time For the New Year

Boosting Department Cheer


Somehow, another year has flashed by … An entire year! Maybe I say this after every year, but where did the time go?! After 365 days, you’d think I would feel a little more accomplished — but all I can think about is what more I could have done. Read more

Avoiding Unexpected Results: How to Vet an Automation Solution Provider


Automation Solution Provider

It’s been a year of upsets, from the World Series (Go Cubs!) to the presidential election. With variables like skill level and weather, to social media and poll attendance playing their part in the outcomes, choosing (or predicting) the winner requires risk and a little luck. Read more

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Kicking & Screaming: What to Do When Your Staff is Crying Out for Help

Manual CS Environment

Temper tantrums aren’t pretty, but they happen for a reason — it’s how children express their frustrations, a cry for help. Even during adulthood though, there are times when we need the aid of others, but what happens when it’s your employees crying for help with your manual business process?

At EAUC 2016, Adrian Posteraro presented his breakout session: Overcoming the Negative Business Impact of a Manual CS Environment, based on his personal experience with automation at MEDRAD, Inc. Dissatisfied, burned-out employees begged for a solution that could streamline, and reduce stress tied to, their manual document process. Read more

5 Tricks to Treating Your Customers

treating your customers

If only customer service were as easy as trick-or-treating. Toss them some candy and it’s all good. Too bad that’s not the case. After spending their hard-earned money on your company’s product or service, customers expect a bit more than Tootsie Rolls and Dubble Bubble.

Let’s face it, it’s the 21st century and companies with subpar customer service are headed toward the graveyard. In other words, bad customer service scares business away. Read more

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Quiz: Does Your Order Management Make the Grade?

Efficient Order Management

It’s back-to-school season and order processing class is in session! Kidding.

Although, when it comes to order management, many businesses have a lot to learn. Does yours?

Test your order processing efficiency by taking the quiz below and find out whether it passes with flying colors or falls flat — and what to do about it. Read more

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9 Things You Should Know About Esker

Recently I realized that there was a certain something missing from my blogs. Sure, they familiarize readers with Esker’s solutions, but what about Esker?

Ultimately, understanding a vendor’s values, history and achievements can provide insight to the future success of a joint endeavor.

Call me bias, but Esker’s got more than a few reasons to brag — and I’ve got no problem doing it. Read more

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Putting Pokémon GO to Practice: Catch All the EDI Orders

EDI OrdersWith more than 50 million downloads and counting, Pokémon GO is now the most popular game ever in the United States. From falling off cliffs to accidentally crossing the U.S. and Canadian border illegally, people are going to extreme lengths to “catch ’em all”.

In the end, it’s just a fun video game for people to catch imaginary Pokémon — unlike your very real EDI orders. What lengths does your company go to in order to catch those? Read more

New Integration Value for Businesses Using Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Software

Recently, Esker announced the availability of an Oracle E-Business Suite connector for its AP on Demand standard application — developed to integrate seamlessly using Oracle standard communication methods.

Now, organizations using Oracle can get in on the benefits of an automated AP solution. Based on Esker customer results, AP automation can help businesses receive and enter invoices up to 65 percent faster, and lower processing costs by as much as 60 percent.

Jean-Michel Bérard, Esker’s CEO, spoke of the integration, “We are helping our customers maximize their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne investment with efficient and seamless solution integration — implementation is quicker, user adoption is enhanced and ROI is rapidly achieved.” Read more

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5 Questions to Ask Vendors (and Yourself) Before Investing in an AR Management Solution

Question Marks on BlackboardSearching for the right accounts receivable (AR) management solution for your business can be tricky. Whether it’s knowing the AR solution cost or implementation time, there’s a lot of options and even more to learn about each one.

Luckily, we have some questions that will help point you in the right direction.

Read more

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