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We Moved to a New Office: 7 Ways to Create a Productive Work Environment

IMG_3785Here at Esker, we specialize in helping other companies become more productive with their workflow. However, we’ve spent the last few months thinking about how our own team members can increase productivity. And to start the new year right, we just moved to our new office. Here are several exciting work space features that will enhance our team members’ health and productivity during 2017: Read more

What’s to Come for Accounts Payable in 2017?

accounts payable automation

From Agile Dashboards to Mobile Invoicing

Every new year here at Esker, we begin by looking at the latest trends in how people manage their business processes, especially in accounts payable. As one of the most important tasks in business that’s still in need of perfection for growing demands, things are starting to evolve toward better solutions. Read more

Esker’s 2016 Highlights – What a Year!

Eskers 2016 highlightsThanks to Esker customers and partners, 2016 was a huge success. Check out some of our most high-five worthy highlights! Read more

Esker’s Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

We are celebrating Thanksgiving by sharing some of our employees favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

Full Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner with Turkey Stuffing Veggies and Potatos

Thanksgiving Recipes From Esker Employees

Read more

Winning a Gold Medal in Document Process Automation

Though Esker may deserve the honor, we won’t take to the stage while the National Anthem plays. Rather, we’ll gladly accept the accolades, as we already have from many clients throughout the globe using our services to automate their document process. With so many advantages to adopting Esker’s document process automation solutions, companies can’t avoid seeing gold once they eye the results. Read more

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Extending Henry Ford’s Lean Manufacturing Concept into Your Order Processing Provides You with Better Customer Relations

lean manufacturingHenry Ford had a concept involving lean manufacturing, where he saw a need to eliminate unnecessary waste and have a tighter, more continuous flow in the production process. Like Mr. Ford, supply chain and customer service leaders today are finding they need a better way to improve on productivity and remove wasteful steps in their value chain. By extending lean manufacturing into your order processing today, this will give you better production speeds, more company savings and improve the customer experience without sacrificing quality service. With these on-demand and on-premises software solutions now available, they make more automated order management possible and these hidden customer service costs are greatly reduced. Read more

Using Dashboards to Measure and Reward CSR Talent

Business dashboards gives a quick and visually dense overview of your company’s key performance indicators. A well-designed dashboard should take into consideration those who need to see the data and how that data needs to be displayed. The major benefit of business dashboards is that they increase productivity: what’s clearly measured can then be refined and improved. Data dashboards can also help managers see problems as they arise, allowing them to react to problems before they start to snowball.

Dashboards Designed to Measure Customer Service Representative Talent

Each organization’s business dashboard will reflect the key performance indicators that are most important to their day to day operations. Businesses who want to chart their customer service response will use a dashboard that is similar to what many human resources departments use. The key indicators for a Customer Service Representative (CSR) dashboard could include when an employee was hired, their average call length and their close rate for successfully resolving customer issues. For a CSR dashboard to have the biggest impact, try implementing a few of the following principles into your CSR dashboard design. Read more

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Terminal Emulation Software Is Still Important

Once upon a time, text terminals were the state of the art for communicating with computers. They were far more convenient than ancient technologies like paper tape and punch cards. Today, hardly anyone makes terminals any more, yet the technology is far from dead. Every major operating system offers one or more terminal emulator applications, letting users type in command lines and get back text responses.

System administrators use terminal emulation a lot; there are some things they can’t do any other way. Software developers like the command line interface because it lets them get closer to the underlying system software. Many computer geeks consider the ability to use the terminal fluently a minimum requirement for admission into their circles. Read more

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4 Reasons Small Businesses Should Embrace Cloud Fax Services


Keeping up with the ever-changing technology world can be very difficult and expensive for small businesses, leaving them unsure about future success. But one thing’s for certain — small businesses need to cut the cord with fax machines and embrace the cloud.

4 Benefits of Cloud Fax Services:

Read more

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Esker’s New Mobile Application

New Mobile Application Accelerates the P2P Cycle by Enabling Purchase Requisition and Invoice Approval On-the-Go

Today Esker announced the release of Esker Anywhere, a new mobile application that gives managers the ability to review, approve, and reject purchase requisitions and supplier invoices while out of the office. The application, available 24/7 for free on Apple® or Android™ devices, helps businesses further speed up the review and approval cycles of invoice and requisition processing, as well as improve efficiency in the purchase-to-pay (P2P) cycle.

Esker Anywhere provides on-the-road accessibility for managers who approve invoices and purchase requisitions before payment, enabling them to quickly resolve exceptions and approvals, resulting in excellent supplier relationships and increased efficiency in the P2P cycle. Coupled with a fresh new interface design and enhanced usability, Esker Anywhere delivers a more engaging user experience.

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