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Sales Order Management featuring Gartner Insight

As companies are streamlining and optimizing processes throughout the organization, CIOs and other business leaders are starting to land on order management.

Historically, order management has had its hiccups. Companies often accept orders coming into the organization in various formats—fax, email, and EDI. The reception of orders is a very manual effort, which usually involves order processors gathering the customer orders regardless of their format, entering the orders into their business processing systems (like SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics and many others), and then having to validate their orders before submitting them to be fulfilled.

As you can imagine, this is an error-prone process that can be easily bogged down by customer calls, and the lack of visibility into order workflow and backlog.

Gartner Discusses Sales Order Management Applications

The Gartner CRM Vendor Guide for 2015 (released on March 11, 2015) acknowledges the importance of appropriate Sales Order Management applications and how they “enable sales and business partners to management sales orders, reduce administrative sales workload, increase solution/order accuracy, improve the quality of deliverable to clients and prospects, and through analytics, provide valuable insights into customers’ buying patterns.”

We were proud to make the list of vendors mentioned by Gartner for the Sales Order Management Applications! Read more

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How Order Processing Automation Transforms Supply Chain

Parts Town - order - processing - automation - customer - care - customer - support

As order volumes grew, Parts Town’s Customer Care Department struggled to stay accurate and efficient. On top of that, visibility into incoming orders greatly influenced Parts Town’s downstream supply chain… and not in a good way.

“As we continued to grow as a company, our order processing operation became more and more chaotic,” said Amy Argentine, Director of Customer Experience at Parts Town. “Because everything was done manually, we were running into a lot of errors and had very little visibility into the workflow.” Parts Town made internal optimization efforts to improve their accuracy rate–and the outcome was successful. However, the Distribution Center (DC) operations continued to struggle due to the lack of communication between the two departments. Read more

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3 Reasons to Join Esker on Social Media

There are many reasons people use social media. The one reason that takes the cake is quite obvious—Social Interaction. A few of the other reasons include: to pass time, entertainment, and expressing one’s opinions. In the last year, the use of social media has shifted to a new objective. People are now going to social media to seek information about products, services, and events. They are also looking to social media to self-educate themselves and, in turn, share information with others. The days of going on Facebook only to post a status update and click through pictures of your friends and family are gone.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram (and of course, Facebook), have become online hubs of information that give users insights and knowledge from their peers and companies that they care (or may care) about right at their finger-tips.

It is for reasons such as this that Esker recognizes the importance of a strong social media presence. There is a lot to discover on social networks with regards to what is happening with businesses and technology, and using social media is just one way Esker stays in touch with our users and other business process experts in the world.

3 Reasons to Join Esker on Social Media

We’d be thrilled to have you not only follow Esker on social media, but also take advantage of these networks to excel your business processes by discovering what the rest of the world is sharing on these platforms. Below are the top three reasons why you should join and follow Esker.

  1. To Stay Informed

You could subscribe to every blog that you find relevant or interesting. You could go to every favorite website each day. You can set up as many Google Alerts as possible. However, the simple use of a hashtag (yep, that’s what that ‘#’ symbol is called) and by following the right individuals on social media, you are sure to have the quality information that you need with very little effort. At Esker, this is what we strive to do on our social channels. By using the hashtag #quitpaper, users are able to find out posts quickly. Simply type in “#quitpaper” into a social media search tools, and you’ll find a great assortment of Esker’s Document Automation informs.

  1. To Discover and Preview Esker’s New Updates, Features and Products

With Esker’s focus on the agile methodology, we are constantly innovating and releasing new features and updates to our products. Our social media channels are often one of the first places that we go with new company information. Subscribing to our Esker Blog is another way to learn of Esker updates. For example, when we launched the addition of new collaborative and customizable solution dashboards, our social media and blog followers were ahead of the game and prepared to take advantage of this new feature.

  1. To Never Miss a Beat on Esker Events and Webinars

Each month, Esker hosts many webinars that educate individuals on how to improve their business processes. We also host various events and sponsor several tradeshows that bring people together to discover new system innovations and process improvement opportunities. On social media and our Esker Blog, you’ll not only find out which shows Esker will be attending or what webinars are coming up, but you will get an inside view into what to expect—What were people talking about? What did we learn? What were the takeaways for other attendees? What’s happening within the industry? We give you the experience of these webinars and events right at your fingertips on social media.

Head on over to our social media channels (below) to see what we have in store for you as one of our “followers”. There is never a better time to get started and active on social media—join the masses and be a part of the community of thought-leaders and experts that can bring you all of the information that you need to improve your personal and professional processes.


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Esker’s AP & AR Automation Solutions: CODiE Award Finalist

esker - codie - award - siia - 2015 - best - financial - management - solution

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) is the principal trade association for the software and digital content industry. Every year, SIIA hosts their CODiE Awards where they recognize companies within Education, Software and Content technology categories for their dedication to advancing the market in innovation, vision and overall industry impact.

This year, Esker’s Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Automation Solutions were selected as a finalist for the Best Financial Management Solution Award category.  This category is defined by the SIIA as “Recognizing the best software solution that automates business accounting and money management including accounts payable/receivable, general ledger, budgeting, resource allocation, reporting, and more”.

Esker’s Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Automation Solutions

Esker’s Accounts Payable solution optimizes the process of data entry and approval through the use of intelligent capture, touchless processing and electronic workflow capabilities, helping companies save time and costs while improving supplier relationships. Esker’s Accounts Receivable solution allows companies to fully automate the delivery and archiving of paper and electronic invoices in compliance with worldwide regulations, while leveraging a customer portal and collections tools to enhance customer communication and more effectively manage the entire AR workflow.

“Having our Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable solutions recognized by SIIA is a tremendous honor for our company, and a testament to all that Esker has invested into making our products unique and beneficial,” said Steve Smith, U.S. Chief Operating Officer at Esker Americas. “Effective management of financial documents is critical for today’s organizations, and we’re thrilled to be identified as one of the primary leaders in this area of expertise.”

How to Kick your Paper Habit in AP

ap - accounts - payable - automation - invoice - processingWhoever coined the phrase old habits die hard must have worked in accounts payable (AP). Today, AP remains inundated with paper as other areas of life and business go electronic. A recent study found that paper-based invoices still make up 90% of total invoice volume for a majority of AP departments.

The cost of supporting this habit is a steep one. Not only does it prevent assurance of prompt and accurate payments, it fails to set your business apart from competitors. Discover the 12 Steps to Kick Your Paper Habit in this Guidebook.

The Worst Practices in Accounts Receivable

worst - practices - accounts - receivable - ar - automation - solutionRaise a hand if your accounts receivable (AR) process is bad. Like just-thinking-about-it-gives-you-a-headache kind of bad. Sound familiar?

OK maybe it’s not all doom and gloom but — take it from us — if you process customer invoices manually, there’s a good chance you’re in the throes of some pretty awful AR practices.

This guidebook on the 7 worst practices in AR helps you identify those wrongs and how to make them right.

A big thank you to SIIA for recognizing Esker’s AP and AR Automation Solutions as a finalist for the 2015 CODiE Awards!

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How Much Paper is Used in One Day [Infographic]

How do you work to benefit and conserve our planet? Earth Day is that one day a year where we take 24 hours to honor our planet. Many people choose to plant a tree on Earth Day. Some even ride their bike for the entire day. Others will volunteer at their local roadside clean up. These are great efforts to help strength and conserve the Earth. Unfortunately, once those 24 hours of Earth Day have passed, there are another 8736 hours left in the year–and in those hours, many people may not give much thought as to how they are impacting the environment and sustainability of our planet.

Take the 8736 hour challenge! How can you work to improve your impact on the planet over the course of a full year? Consider the use of paper within your organization. In reducing the amount of paper a company or individual employee uses within their daily business-related tasks, companies are not only helping the planet, but they are also greatly lessening their internal operating costs by reducing the money spent on purchasing paper to print customer orders, paying for postage to mail paper invoices, maintaining hardware (printers and fax machines), and even the manual labor of employees that have to manage all of the paper. Learn more about how companies are quitting paper in this ebook.

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a visual into what the use of paper in the US looks like. Below is an infographic that demonstrates how much paper is used in the US in just one day. If this is what one day looks like–imagine what one year looks like… the whole 8726 hours.

[Infographic] How Much Paper Is Used in the U.S. in One Day from Esker, Inc.

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A Guide for AP Professionals: AP Automation as a SaaS Solution


invoice - automation - ap - automation - accounts payableThese sound familiar, don’t they? Statements like these fill the ears of accounts payable (AP) staff and processors everywhere. So much so that they may often shrug and just sigh “This is just the way that it is in AP…”

The True Story: Lost Dollars Happen in Accounts Payable

Companies can’t just keep downsizing staff and cutting costs in order to improve revenue. Today, they are looking internally to evaluate their business processes:

  1. What is inefficient in our day-to-day processes?
  2. What is costing us time, and therefore costing us money?
  3. Where is there a lack of visibility, and how can we correct that?

According to The Evolution of Payables, a white paper from a The Institute of Financial Operations (IFO), automation of AP invoices is changing the game in business. As companies face lost dollars in AP, vendor invoice automation is taking the paper pain out of AP and creating visibility, control and scalability in finance departments. AP is just the tip of the iceberg—further automation of inbound and outbound documents closes the circle and brings efficiency to other areas of business. AP automation can be your company’s kick start to a company-wide competitive advantage.

Let’s Start Somewhere: AP Automation as a SaaS Solution

Want to learn more about AP automation in the cloud? There’s a lot to learn, but thankfully, you don’t need a textbook. This eBook AP Automation as a SaaS Solution explains why it’s crazy not to go to the cloud when implementing a vendor invoice automation. If you have a spare 15 minutes, have a read of this eBook and discover the following topics:

  • Benefits of accounts payable automation
  • Advantages of AP automation as a SaaS solution
  • Debunking the top 5 myths of AP automation in the cloud
  • Comparing on-premises versus a SaaS model
  • A success story from a cloud AP automation customer

There’s no better time for you to get a clear picture of the advantages that AP Automation as a cloud service can offer your company.

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Top Ten Reasons Why Prospects Should Attend EAUC

esker - america - user - conference - event

There are many reasons that we can think of for prospective Esker users to attend our Esker Americas User Conference (EAUC). Within the list below, we have narrowed those many reasons down a short list of ten. Take a read, and discover why attending EAUC is a smart personal and business move for you as a prospect.

10. To Refresh and Recharge

It’s time to take few days out of your busy work schedule to recharge. It is so easy to get caught in the day-to-day, working to keep yourself and your department above water. However, you owe it to yourself and your company to re-energize and educate yourself on new best practices and business initiatives that can benefit your company and improve your business processes. We have filled the agenda with experts that will show you the way to better business processes within your Accounts Payable or Sales Order Processing.

9. To Validate if Esker is Really as Awesome as it Seems

“Is Esker really all the hype it seems to be?” We’re not silly… we know you are thinking it! EAUC presents a chance for you to put Esker on the spot when you come to Wisconsin for this conference. You will have your chance to talk with Esker solution experts and other customers to find out if Esker can really do what we say it can do. Dig even deeper and find out how Esker works with our customers on critical issues, such as change management, implementation, training, support, and many other factors in making an automation decision? We guarantee, you’ll find people at the event who can answer these questions for you.

8. To Rub Elbows with Others Just Like You

This is the best part of the conference experience—there are like minded attendees there to learn… just like you. This is your chance to talk with them—whether they are a long time customer of Eskers, or another prospect. This networking opportunity can assist you building your business case for an automation solution.

Read more

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Esker Celebrates Innovating for 30 Years

On February 7th, 1985, Esker was born. Considering where Esker began and where Esker is today—along with all of the adventure in between—it is safe to proclaim that Esker strives for innovation in business processes.

A few notable statements from customers over the years have been…

esker - customer - testimonials

According to these statements, Esker truly impacts our customers. Another amazing aspect of Esker is the lasting impression it leaves on its employees around the world.

Check out what employees are staying is their best memory and what they like about working at Esker.

best - memory - of - Esker - Steve what - you - like - about - esker - soryabest - memory - of - Esker - Joe



Very often Jean-Michel Berard, Esker’s CEO, closes his discussions of the company’s success and growth by attributing that success and growth to the 300+ employees that make up Esker. How amazing it is to be a part of a company that is dedicated to innovation and growth, helping its customers, promoting the company culture, and having a worldwide presence that brings people together from across borders—all of whom support, appreciate and believe in the company they work for and the customers they serve.

Here’s to another 30 years!

thirty - year - anniversary - esker

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How Esker Applies Agile to Organizational Change

Dan Tousignant (@ScrumDan) is an Agile master. His blog is loaded with project management information to educate and assist practitioners and decision makers in executing better implementations and facilitate stronger outcomes. In one of his latest blog posts, Dan proposes the question “Do you know where you are going with your Agile implementation?” Within this post, Dan goes into detail about the three types of organizational change that can take place. Dan lists them as follows:


  • Improvements on processes, methods, or performance standards
  • Done in order to stay competitive
  • Causes little stress to employees


  • More intrusive because it introduces something completely new
  • Typically a planned change such as a re-organization, merger, acquisition, or implementation of a new technology
  • May cause instability and insecurity

Read more

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What Will Order Entry Be Like In 100 Years?

The question of what life will be like in 100 years has always been (and will likely continue to be) pondered. This article by Gary Robbins shares the results of a study completed back in 1911 (the year that the very first photo of the US was taken on an airplane, and almost 40 years before the first modern computer was invented).

This study asked leading experts how they predicted that the world would change in 100 years from 1911, and Robbins also reports the predictions of three San Diego scientists of what life will be like in 2112. As you may guess, technology is predicted to play an important role in our society’s future.

What does Technology mean to Order Processing?

With business comes mundane tasks that inadvertently cost companies money due to (but not limited to) the hidden costs of paper or the manual efforts of employees needing countless hours to complete their tactful work. As the scientists in Robbins article predict that science and technology will direct human interaction, I’d like to point out that there are companies that already embrace this concept and utilize technology today to improve their sales order processing and, in turn, improve their interactions with their customers.

5 Companies with cutting edge Order Processing and Customer Service

Order entry may be pretty advanced in 2115; however, there are improvements that you could be making today to set you forward for what the future capabilities are for your Customer Service Department. This Slideshare below gives a snap shot preview of a full eBook that features five companies that have automated their order processing and has achieved awe-inspiring results like:

  • 6% increased order entry accuracy
  • 4 to 5 minutes in order entry savings per order
  • 50% decrease in the number of steps needed to process an email/fax sales order

Discover more benefits in this Slideshare.

5 Amazing Esker Sales Order Processing Automation Launches from Esker, Inc.

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