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The Super Bowl of Analytics

Football strategy on blackboard

In the National Football League winning the Super Bowl is the ultimate goal for 32 teams each year.  As Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”  That quote not only holds true with sports but in business as well.  Like other high stakes industries where any competitive edge counts, professional sports teams have been organizing analytics departments to assist with their decision making. Read more

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How to be “Winning” at your Sales Order Processing

Written by Jason Anderson.

I have a joint webinar with Sam Bayer of b2b2dot0 on August 15, entitled “Winning Automation Strategies for Optimizing Your Sales Order Processing Environment in SAP®.”  That is a pretty lengthy title for a webinar, but it’s succinctly describes what one of our joint customers was able to achieve through the partnership between Esker and b2b2dot0.

Automating Inbound Sales Orders

For almost a decade, Esker has helped companies automate inbound Sales Orders that are received via fax, email, EDI, etc. But what happens once that order is automatically entered into SAP, or any ERP for that matter?  The customer may receive an order acknowledgement or order confirmation from the vendor once the order is processed. But, when will that order ship?  How is the order being delivered? Read more

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Accounts Payable Customer: Connecting the Dots and Selecting Esker as Their Number One Solution

Recently, I visited with a new accounts payable customer of Esker to see how things were progressing with their implementation. They had chosen Esker as their vendor to automate accounts payable for SAP in February of 2013. I wanted to find out why they had selected Esker versus many of the other options companies have to automate accounts payable. I wasn’t sure if it was: our competitive pricing; the fact that Esker has a cloud-based option for accounts payable; or just my great skills as a sales person!

When I talked to the VP of Information Systems, who had the task of managing the selection process and the project as a whole, the biggest reason he chose Esker was because it was a cloud-based solution (not necessarily my sales skills). In addition to the cloud-based model, the solution gave his organization all of the features they desired including:

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