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Breaking Bad … Habits

document process automation platformsWe are in an age where you don’t have to turn to a life of crime in order to stop the madness of paper pushers in your organization!

Now, I do not watch this popular series, where the protagonist actually becomes the antagonist, but I have seen the benefits an organization achieves when turning away from paper pushers. You know the type, they use enough printed paper to start their own book. Read more

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Seven Zen Habits of Terminal Emulation

terminal emulation

Recently I started meditating and began to think of how old the practice is. How does it work? Would I really feel better after? Would it reduce my stress? Could I really change habits? And then I began to think of terminal emulation and how it has been around as long as some Eastern medicine practices — well, almost as long, and it too provides many benefits — but most importantly, terminal emulation is simple and it works! Read more

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Is Paperless Document Processing on Your Bucket List?

paperless-document-processingEveryone has a bucket list. Recently, I crossed off one of my bucket list items: attending a polo match. Now, one would think it was the match that was on my bucket list, when actually it was “the stomping of the divots” (I mean who didn’t want to be Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman in the brown polka dot dress back in the 90’s?).

Did you know that many organizations are still handling paper like they did back in the 90’s, even though many of those same companies have paperless document processing on their bucket lists?

Luckily, there’s a better way for companies to find the hidden successes of quitting paper without having to go to the full “polo match”. Technology now allows companies to cross manual handling of paper documents off their bucket lists without having to adopt an entire automation strategy.

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How to Spice Up Your Accounts Payable Process


Ahhhhhh… Accounts payable – taking something relatively tasteless and spicing it up a bit! Wouldn’t that be the whole Cajun gumbo?! At Esker, we happen to find accounts payable rather tasteful!

Recently I attended a P21WW User Group Conference in, where else, but New Orleans. If that doesn’t resonate “spicy,” I am not sure what does. I had many conversations with finance and accounts payable managers while there, and the pains they were facing were really not very refined at all, in fact, they were rather lacking in flavor!

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Strategic Partnerships: Finding the Perfect Fit When You’re Not Totally Fit

Remember that great feeling of finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans or that perfect work out shoe? It feels good when things fit – doesn’t it? Recently, I started a boot camp for women over 50 mainly because those perfect fitting jeans just don’t fit!


As a Channel Sales Manager at Esker, I am responsible for partner relationships and am often asked – what is a good fit when it comes to partners? I started thinking about what I look for when talking to a partner:

  • Partnerships need to be strategic.
    You work very closely with partners, often on a daily basis, so much like the jeans and the shoes – it needs to fit!
  • Partners need to define clear objectives and have a clear vision.
    Like in that workout class – it is mutually agreed upon that the class is 45 minutes long, and don’t think I am not watching the clock!
  • Admit the shortcomings.
    Generally, we partner to help us fill in the gaps of our own solutions – so be up front about it. (Confession: I can’t do a chin up.)
  • Know your differentiators.
    What makes your business stand out from the others? This is important in determining when you should partner and when you should do it yourself.
  • Research, Research, Research.
    Know who you are in fact partnering with. (Can they deliver a chin up?)

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