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How To Be An Outsider

When I was younger, being an outsider was no fun. Being more of a “TECHIE”, many times I found myself envious of those within that inner circle where I was not acknowledged. However over time, I realized being an outsider is not necessarily a bad thing. I have more control over what I want or need to do, and I don’t necessarily need to follow the group just so that I “fit in”.

Being an “Outsider” with your ERP System

In the same way, being an application outside of SAP (or any other ERP system) is not necessarily a bad thing. Esker’s Sales Order Processing and Accounts Payable Processing packages both provide solutions in the Cloud, or on premise, which have integration, all while not residing within the ERP system itself.

Advantages to Being a Document Automation “Outsider”

There are three main advantages to having an automation solution rest outside of the ERP system:

  1. No SAP or ERP user license required to use solution
  2. Cheaper and quicker to implement
  3. Easier customizations

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